Friday, 1 April 2011

The Truth does not fade away by Time....

 Mussa Kussa (Defected)

Mussa Kussa is (Courgette) now

Seif son of the Regime in Libya

Every criminal act had been done by the Dictators against, their own people, will be accountable, even many years had passed about those crimes. The nightmare will haunt them to the last moment of their lives.

There is undoubted example, that came to reality, this week, is by defected Ace of Libyan Regime to Britain, and this Personnel, is the Head of Libyan Regime's Intelligence for fifteen years, and we can not imagine how much stored information has this guy, about the behaviour of the Regime for the last forty years.

The Intelligence Department and the police in UK, would very much interested to talk to ALI  BA BA, and discover the contents of his CAVE.

The Police in UK, and Scotland, mainly want to know, who shot the Policewoman, near the Libyan Embassy in late Eighties of last Century, that, this crime took place thirty two years ago and over. Another crime, the bombing of the American passenger's plane over Lockerby in Scotland, that caused the death of 270, innocent people most of them Americans, and that, took place almost thirty two years as well.

Countries that, respect their people and protect them, and the people that, respect their country and its LAW, does not make any difference, of how much time passed about the crimes that took place, against these people, because the Law and JUSTICE do not fade away by time, like in our Dictators Methods.

There is NOWAY OUT, for those committed crimes to their own people or Innocents, any where in the world.  The only way is IN, to Justice, and NEVER OUT.

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