Friday, 8 April 2011

If they wait The Dictator Green Light..J

The stolen Majority, could not form a New Cabinet, yet. It turns out like that old Story about Jiha.

The story says, that JIHA sold his house, but asked the buyer to allow him leave a nail on the wall with his coat hanged on this nail, which the buyer agreed, thinking what a silly request. Later on, few months, JIHA came back and knocked on the door, the new owner opened, and Jiha asked to have a look, if his coat is still hanged on that nail, it is, and left. Jiha repeated his visits regularly, and at very close occasions, until one day, the owner complained to Jiha about those visits, and asked him to take that coat, and stop visiting, JIHA replied, I sold the house to you, but I still own that nail, and you agreed for that. It is a funny story but it, makes, a fact, that, Syrian troops left Lebanon, six years ago, but still the Regime in Syria visiting the NAIL pinned on the Lebanese Wall.

We always, believed that, there would not be New Cabinet in Lebanon, because, Mikati is waiting for Aoun to yield down, and Aoun waiting for President Suleiman to move and Aoun occupies his place, which was always a dream that, will never come true. Junblat waiting for Berri, to step near him for a third Political Bloc, is not with 14 or 8 March either. Every one of these mentioned waiting for Hezbollah to  say something, but it does not, because Hezbollah is waiting for the Dictator of Syria to say something, but the Dictator cannot, because, the PEOPLE'S knife is on his neck, and hardly can breath. 14 March Forces are waiting, for the unknown.

We are in a time, that our Honourable Representatives, swimming in different world leaving, the Lebanese, a PREY, to the these Masters behind the Borders, to take care of us, and keep us the Spear Head of their Gateway problems.

Notice to Assad by Free Syrians

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