Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lebanon the Security BIN of Arabs

Since, 1948, and Lebanon was the destination of the Arab Countries troubles.
Palestine was the first, that the Lebanese, paid the priced misery of the Palestinians, and their annexed land by the Zionist of the World, now we do not know, who's land was that, Jews of Arabs, because of the Lousy Arab Regimes, without exception. The Arab Nations were injected, by those Regimes with the Anaesthetics, the claim of preparing to capture back,  the Stolen Land, which is known to our generation.

Sure, those Regimes failed, to achieve, what they promised the Nations. The Anaesthetic effects had gone, and the Nations, woke up to find, that, sixty years, were just a WASTE, and the Regimes never ever being Serious for their claims. Because those Dictators, were just want , to be in power, for that long, then, there are the Revolts. 

Lebanon, Sudan,Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Bahrain and Syria, Nations woke up to find, that, what these regimes promised the people was just an ILLUSION. 

When, the Nations of these Countries Revolted, Dictators, crushed them, killing their Own People by thousands, and accuse them of working for the Enemies Israel and USA. While these regimes were protected by these Enemies, and the Enemies are worried now, because they do not know the Destinations of these REVOLTS.

The Revolts, in Lebanon, six years ago, and recently, in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, succeeded, because the Armies of these Countries had Respect to its Own People, and stayed aside, and protected the Demonstrators, gave the people the chance to choose what they want, and they did.

In Libya, the Army confronted the people with guns and killings, to PLEASE the Dictator, and without the Urgent help of the Europeans, USA, and Arab League, the Libyan people were slaughtered, mainly in Benghazi, and Misrata, though the USA until now, did not recognise, the Rebel's Interim Government, but made sure, that Qaddafi has few more days to go. In Yemen the Dictator is on his way out.

In Syria, there are Offers of Deals under, the TABLE, otherwise, why the Security Council is hesitating, to take Serious Steps, to stop the Massacres in Syrian Cities. Why Israel the Enemy that, the Arab Regimes preparing for Sixty Years, to defeat, is worried about the Dictators's Regime in Syria, while, the Regime accuses the people, who are revolting, were mechanised by Israel and USA. By other words, when the Dictator's Regimes in our Arab world, were EXPOSED, they turned back, to their own people and let free the killing Machine slaughtering without Discriminations, 

What happened in every Arab Country, gave a bad reaction, on the Lebanon, no need to count down these events, it is in History now. But was it the End of it, certainly not. 

Since, the Revolts started in our neighbours land Syria, the Syrian Regime accusing the vast Majority, of the Lebanese, of winding up the Syrian people to bring down the Regime, over sighted, that, the Syrian people know, what they want, and they can get it, and no need for any interference from outside, and they had enough suppression, of the worst regime in the world. 

Those who were grown by the Syrian Regime, for the last thirty, in Lebanon, to support it, in such BAD time, they say, Security of Lebanon, is the Security of Syria, and what they mean here, is the Security of the Regime, and not the People of Syria, while the Regime slaughtering its people in the streets. The Regime in Syria, never cared a Damn  Dog Shit, about the Security of Lebanon, or its people. Otherwise what, we call,  what happened in last thirty, five years, of Car Bombs,that, killed thousands of Innocent Lebanese People, disappeared prisoners, turning Lebanon the biggest, Arsenal of guns, and corruption, dismantled the State of Lebanon, to turn out to be, outlaws Land, occupied by Gangs, belonged to the Regime of Syria, ignoring the Majority Voices of the Lebanese calling them to leave us alone, we are exhausted, of being your Security Bin

The Security, should be granted, to the People of Lebanon and the people of Syria, and NOT the Regimes of both Countries, all the regimes go, only peoples stay. 

The representatives, so called Members of Parliaments, or House of People, are there, because the people gave them the power to be there, they should represent the people HONESTLY, and if they misused that, Authority, they should leave immediately, and this apply to all the Lebanese Representatives, without exception. In the mean time, most of those representatives, failed and disappointed, the Lebanese people, and marred the Interests of Lebanon by their behaviours. 

The only solution, to the DEADLOCK of informing New Cabinet, in Lebanon, is that, the President, dissolve the Parliament, and we go to General Election in the Country as soon as possible, to put an END to this Miserable incompetent, of our Representatives. They are all brokers in a Black Market.

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Dabke Lebnanye

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