Monday, 11 April 2011

Dissolve the Parliament Mr President...

The latest, conflict, between Harriri and Ayatollah Nusrallah, was, a result of buried feelings. Harriri, has declared the WAR against, the Guns of Hezbollah. Though his views support the Interests of the Lebanese people in the Gulf, and elsewhere, and the Man is supporting an Arab Country, as it is, in the contrary, of Nusrallah, by his comments about the Gulf State of Bahrain, have damaged the Interests of the Lebanese badly, while the helpless Lebanese, need to be supported in many countries in the world, and recently in  Ivory Coast. Harriri, is a Care Taker of a Government, and what he says, is in the Official meaning, and trying his best to mend what Nusrallah damaged. Harriri was blamed by Mikati, and Nusrallah, because he is supporting an Arab Country, but Nusrallah, strongly supporting the Dictator in Syria, which is an Arab Country as well, and on Top of all, he is PROUD to  belong to Iran, which is not an Arab Country. Mr Mikati is hardly can form a new Government, he should not criticise Mr Harriri for his comments, otherwise he should criticise Nusrallah first, as well, but may be he would not dare to, because he was brought by Nusrallah.

We Lebanese, came to conclusions that, our Leaders in Lebanon, are worn out, and taking the Country to the UNKNOWN. They all are in trouble and they are not FIT, to lead in Lebanon. The Lebanese People deserve better Leaders, because the Lebanese are far AHEAD of those Leaders.

We ask The President of Lebanon to dissolve the Rotten Parliament, and announce a General Election, as soon as possible, then the Lebanese should decide, who should rule the Country. This time the Lebanese Majority's Voices should RULE, the Country, whatever who comes to power, and put an END, for this Concept of Agreed Democracy, or Guns, or Personal Interests, or anyone who does not, Genuinely works for Lebanon. There should be Government, and Opposition as Democratic System, should be.

We are fed up of those, getting Richer, and make Lebanese People getting Poorer.

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