Monday, 18 April 2011

Libyan revolt ongoing...

The following is, series of videos, that show the developments of the Revolt in Libya. We have to see and feel, the way the Dictators, want their own people to suffer, and sink in a blood path, when, they try to achieve, their Essential Rights, Freedom, and Democracy. These dictators pinned their people down for over four decades, looting their sources to get wealth and power, and keep them under the level of Poverty, Health, and Educations.

The Revolt of Libya started almost three months ago, and still ongoing, by the Limited assistant of International Community, who still giving time, to the Dictator, to commit, more crimes against Humanity, by slaughtering his own people.

It is clear that, people should not rely on any outside help, they should have the determination to achieve, their GOALS, whatever the price, or whatever it takes.

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