Sunday, 3 April 2011

It is very clear, the Regime Crime was caught on the SPOT...

Three weeks and the Syrian people demonstrating on the streets of many  main Cities, Hums, Hammah, Damascus Suburbs, Lathkiyah and Deraa, peoples were shot by gangs, and Foreign Conspiracy, as the Regime Authority call them. If we have to believe these confirmed News by the Regime, we ask ?, why the Authorities could not find those criminals yet, as they just Snipers on the roofs of the buildings, where they can hide, and the Army and other Security Forces surrounding the Demonstrators. How those criminals could disappear after committing the killings, are they ghosts, from the outer limits, they landed, where the demonstrations, done the killings and disappeared. We always say, if you do not believe what you see, should be an American Long Film.

But now, we believe, it is The Regime's Long Film. We believe, what the Regime's Press saying about what happening on the grounds in Syrian, that, their Broadcasters, do not believe that.
The Regime said, it is a Foreign Conspiracy, they caught an Egyptian, and brought him to the AIR to confess, then he was released few days later, what a lousy and fabricated way to convince their own people.
They said, it was Lebanese arms, caught by seven ships loaded with arms to help the protesters, and later those ships disappeared and vanished ( Ghost Ships)

We know very well, that, the said GANGS are the Ghosts of their Wolves, the Regimes Wolves, that committing the shooting on the Demonstrators and at the Security Forces, to put the people on doubt, of what they are swept to chaos, off their Path of protesting for REFORMS and changing the way of Ruling the Country.

There is only ONE FACT, it is THE REGIME'S WAY OUT, and for GOOD

The Regime Solid Immunity Minister.

Where are the Detained Political People

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