Saturday, 2 April 2011

last few days in Libya by video

The Rebels, have a set back, after they reached, the borders of Sihrt, at that time, the Coalitions Countries were busy, in handling the Missions Leadership to NATO. Qaddafi Force took advantages and pushed forward East, using excessive ground and air power, made the Rebels, retreat to Ajdabiya, about 220 miles from Sihrt.

But when, the Coalition resumed the attacks on Gaddafi's Forces, gave the Rebels the chance, to push forward West to Brega City, the Oil Terminal in the East of Libya. Because of the Chaos, among the Rebels, the Coalition attacks, mistaken to the Rebel Forces, and ten killed, near Brega.

The following Clips, shows the events for the last few days.

Rebel Forces lost ten fighters by Coalition attacks

Attacking Gaddafi's Air Forces on ground

Rebels near Brega

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