Friday, 22 April 2011

It is GOOD FRIDAY, and we...

Palm Sunday in Lebanon 

 Hasan and Kabalan
Leaders of Religion's Factions
Hasan and Moufty Kabbani 

Attacking Security Forces in Tyre (SOUR)
Christians in Bkirki

I have no idea whatsoever, that, was called GOOD FRIDAY, we do not have to worry about that, it is good Friday and we believe them. We believe, because it is inserted among, Bad Monday, Bad Tuesday, Bad Wednesday, Bad Saturday. Sunday is except ion

This DAY is special, why, because it means a lot to the Christians, and a holy to the Muslims, and it is, a possibility why, is called GOD FRIDAY... So

We wish, a very Good Friday (Easter), to all Lebanese, who are united under this name of a DAY, a very good Day, and we wish the Lebanese, a good luck, to get out of those, troubles, the OTHERS (As in the Film Others, Nicola Kiddman), bringing to us. Once under the conception, of their Security, second, they have to bring troubles to us, because we are Part of AOUROBA, and they keep our necks hanged to their Regimes.Third, our Security is a Supplement to their Security, so they should be in Control and not us, because they are more Professionals in killing people, and Torturing them, and no one will find, where the VICTIMS or the Butchers are after that. Sure there is, fourths and fifth, and sixth, etc.......may be to a thousand of ways, to keep us, not in third world, but under eleventh underground.

They say Security of Syria, means Security of Lebanon, we ask then, why if anything happens in Syria, has to be transported to Lebanon, and cause us troubles and Unrest, we ask again, if anything happens in Lebanon, does the Syrian Regime is effected by it, sure NO, why, because only Lebanon should be the ONE who takes all that Burden of Security, from the CRAP Regimes round us. Why, because our Representatives have NO Dignity, or Manners, or the Courage,to tell the troublesome Regime, Stop Interfering in our Security, our Life, and Our Affairs.They are much in Love of the Syrian Regimes Dictator's BOOTS, than Our Country

By the end of the day, the Regime has the right to take advantages, and behave that way, and make our Country a Hostage, and do not show any respect, to our Government or State, while, our representatives doing to our Country, and People of Lebanon, a lot worse than, the Regime of Syria exporting to us.

We call it Bad Tuesday, Wednesday, and bad Thursday, because, we have seen, what happened, when, the Security Forces of our Beloved Government, tried to stop, the Outlaws, building on Public properties, the outlaws, attacked the Police, and burnt, their vehicles and wounded its members, and this happened in many places, where, the Guns of the Resistance planted, giving these outlaws the courage to challenge the Security Force, and humiliate them. But.. We have seen as well, that our Speaker of the House, (Berri), and our Respective Representatives under his Umbrella, tried to help, he sent his own Militia to terminate these assaults on Public Properties, and they succeeded. But.. the difference is, that the Outlaws did not attack Mr Berri Militia as they attack the Lebanese Security Forces, who should be respected, because it is State's Forces, and not like Mr Berri Illegal Militia.
This is the Good reply to our question, why The Regime in Syria does not respect the Lebanese Sovereignty , or the Leaders of this Country, and exporting its own troubles to Lebanon.

We wish the Lebanese a better, and peaceful Future, and God help them to get rid of all the trouble makers.

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