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Dignity and Morality of the Lebanese People..

 The Abducted Astonians, believed to be out of Lebanon.

Bicycles of the Abducted Astonians

Obstacles by 8 March Forces

Damages of explosion in Church in Zahleh 

Lebanese Misery 

Hezbollah Bunkers in the South Under UN Peace keeping Contol 

 Mikati Hand Cuffed

From childhood, to leave the Country, Mothers of Lebanon

Since, the Syrian Regime put its Hands on Lebanon, thirty two years ago, the Dignity and Morality of the Lebanese is stolen, and thrown in Bin Garbage, and they have been treated, as second class, may be third Class Citizen, after the Syrians and Palestinians for few years until the beginning of Eighties, but the Syrian Regime dealt with our Representatives in the Parliament, and Presidents and Prime Ministers, as slaves to that Regime, until those slaves were deeply in LOVE of the Syrian Dictator Boots. In 2005, majority of the Stolen Lebanese's Dignity and morality, crossed the Red FEAR Line, and threw those boots back to the Dictator. But he left behind a Minority which was still in love of his Boots., to keep our Country a Hostage to their Control.

Five years passed, and we thought, because of a True Lebanese National Leaders, who could keep, the Country calm, and started to stand up on its feet, those in Love of the Dictator's boots, started to cause troubles, and put the Country on the Edge of threatening Civil War, if we, disengaged from the Syrian regimes, and Hezbollah's Control.

Hezbollah, accused 14 March Forces of causing the delay of forming New Cabinet after they stole the Majority, the Voice of the Free Lebanese, and Mr Ayatollah, said in one of his Firing Speeches, that without, 14 March Forces, they can form a New Cabinet in TWO DAYS. Now that, almost two months, after 14 March, declared, they are not participating in this New Cabinet, the Parties in Love of the Dictator, could not, reach anywhere. They said they failed, because waiting, what will happen in the Countries that, witnessed Revolts, and do an Essential changes, then the recent Revolt, was in Syrian, against the Lovable Dictator by 8 March Forces, who are forcing, a stale of forming the New Cabinet, to have the Outcome of the Unrest in Syria.

They left the Country, open on all the troubles in the Region, and the people,s Interests and their lives hanging until the Dictator in Syria, overcomes his troubles, and give the Go A Head, to his lovers in Lebanon, to stop putting obstacles in the way, and have a New Government in Lebanon to look after its people,s Lives. They say, Security in Lebanon is a Supplement to the Security in Syria, and all our troubles come from that Regime, which is protected, by the Americans, the Israelis, the French, the British, the Russians and the Koreans. All those could not stop the Daring Revolt under the Regime's Nose.

The Lebanese people should not believe a word from these, will run in the next General Election, and put them to hard tests, before they give their Holy Votes, so they cannot misuse them, like they did, when they turned the Majority People's Representatives to Minority, by disregarding their Voices, and results of last General Election. The Lebanese should vote to Individuals, and not to Lists or Blocs, that will have, a better choice, and disregard the Non Trusted Candidates

We were disappointed for their actions in the last five years, and we are not going to repeat the same MISTAKE, in the next General Election 2013.

Song by the Comedian Duraid Laham

Funny song by Laham

You ask why I leave my Country

Dabkeh Dance

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