Friday, 15 April 2011

Lebanon is Interfering in Syria's Affairs..

The Regime in Syria accused some Lebanese parties, in sending  arms and assistance, to the Protesters in Syria to overturn the Regime, and it mentioned, few ships full of arms. Later the Regime denied, what the Allies Broad casting that, NEWS. Again two days ago, the Regime repeated the accusation, by so called, arrested persons and admitted, they have been sent by one of the Lebanese Party's Member, supplied with guns and money.

We know how easy, to the Regime, to spread those rumours around, and trying, to blame Outsiders in causing troubles in Syria. This Regime is a copy cat of Tunisians, and Egyptians over threw regimes.

The Syrian Ambassador in Lebanon came up, and confirmed the accusations and asked, the Lebanese Judicial Personnel, to put their hands on this matter. The Ambassador has no write to dictate, what has to be done in Lebanon, and that is, clear Interference in Lebanese Affairs. There is a Lebanese Ambassador in Syria, could be summoned, and put it to him, and ask him to take the complain to his Government in Lebanon. But the Syrian Regime and its arms in Lebanon, will never learn to, keep these relations in a Diplomatic Path, with respect to the Sovereignty of our Country. We know that, Being Ambassador in Lebanon or in Syria, does not mean anything to the Syrian Regime, because it talks to the Lebanese from TOP, with no respect, to our Representatives, who has forgot, their respect and Dignity, and most of them have no HONOUR whatsoever.

There should be a transparent Investigations for this matter, and the Syrian Ambassador should be called as a WITNESS, to hold them accountable, if the results are FALSE.

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