Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Words to please the Syrian Regime

The Official Syrian TV, was boosting, that some Arab regimes phoned Assad as support to his Regime. But later we found out, that those called, they stand by Syria and its people as a Country within the Arab Group, and there was nothing in supporting the shaky Regime.

There is no illusions that, the Regime in Syria, is shaking, and the break that given to it, is to do some urgent reforms for the Laws of, Free Speech, Free Press, Independent Judicial System, Free demonstrations, and the first one of them to remove Emergency Law, that is taking place since 1968. That's  why the unrest started in the streets of Deraa and other Big Syrian Cities. He has also to compromise with the Peace Process in the Middle east.

Does not look that, this break is for long time, could be until the World Community, finishes with the Job on Qaddafi, and Yemen. Because shooting at the protesters, and kill many of them, is not a forgettable Issue to the Human Rights Organisations, or to the Democratic Countries. This also, depend on the Determination of the people, of how and when they would take their RIGHTS back from the Dictators.

On the other hand, the Regime of Syria, claiming CONSPIRACY, to change the System in Syria. We ask, what conspiracy they are talking about, while it is their own people demonstrating for the reforms that, they believe are their rights, then, the shooting started by the Regime itself at the peaceful demonstrators, there were sixty innocent people killed without MERCY, by all means and ways, in three days, do we expect the protesters to go and have a sound sleep at home, or they will continue to protest for the DIGNITY of the DEAD.

The Regime, accused a third party of conspiracy, just to JUSTIFY the killing of its own people, it is not a surprise, that's what the Dictators of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya claimed before, certainly, there was no evidence whatsoever to prove it.

The promised, reforms that, Vice President Sharea, said that, the President of the Regime to announce today, was just empty promises, because the President declined in his Speech today, at the Syrian House of Commons, only Cheers we witnessed from the Loyal Dummies.

The clip below, the views about the Regime of Syria.

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