Saturday, 2 April 2011

The iIIusion of forming New Cabinet..... Dabketna Lebnanye , Dabke song

Since, Mr Mikati was nominated, by the stolen Majority, we predicted that, it is going to be an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION, why ?, we try to put that, as fact:

Mr Mikati is a respectful Person, has the wealth, and a political capital in his community, and as Sunni recognised person. Mr Mikati was for a temporary Prime Minister, in 2005, that he handled a Genuine and Transparent General Elections in Lebanon, that never happened before. Being accepted to take this responsibility, at this hard time in Lebanon, was that, he claims as in the Middle Political Bloc, and he believed that, he would form a New Cabinet to be accepted by most of the other political conflicted parties, and mainly 8 March forces and 14 March Force. But over two months passed, and he could not bring New Cabinet to light, why ? We ask......

Mikati: still discussing  the issue, with all other different parties, and he is confident to sort the complicated demands of some of them, and he believes will go through.

Mr President: He only applies the Constitutional Methods, and he will sign only what is called a balanced Cabinet that, most of Lebanese happy with it.

Berri: Cabinet should be formed and he, make it easy for Mikati to form the Cabinet, and on other hand , the Parliament, that is called the HOUSE of COMMONS is disabled, because he owns the KEYS of its DOORS, as it is one of his properties.

Nusrallah: He kept silent for long time, and it is not the time to push forward for New Cabinet, though he is the most Powerful Supporter to Mikati. Why, only God knows, because it is a GOD'S Party.

Harriri: They stole the Authority from him by terrorising some of the Majority, that relocated and formed New Stolen Majority, and Harriri,  Head of Minority in Parliament, and Majority of the Lebanese. But he does not support Mikati.

Junblatt: Moved part of his Political Bloc in the Parliament, that made the old Minority as New Majority, and he claims that, he is in the Middle as Mr Mikati. He supports Mr Mikati, actually, he suggested him to replace Harriri, under the pressure of predicted serious troubles in the country, if Harriri has to stay in power as Prime Minister. Junblatt is urging Mikati to fast the stance of forming the Cabinet, and he is doing his best, to make it happen. 8 March Forces do not care a damn what Junblatt wants.

Aoun: Is the one of the complicated factors of the obstacles that, are in the way of Mikati. He is protected by Hezbollah and Syrian Regime. He wants the New Cabinet under his control, otherwise, there is no Cabinet at all.

Syrian Regime: Every party of the above except Harriri, wants Syrian Regime to intervene, and sort Mikati problems, but the answer, the Regime claims,does not want to interfere in Lebanese Affairs, but under the TABLE, the Regime put pressure on its Alliance Hezbollah and Aoun and Berri, to hesitate and wait, the outcome of the Unrest that, started in Syria last two weeks. Plus, the Indictment of STL.

We have a conclusion from the above, that, it is really an IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. FACT.

Instead of all the worries of the above, it is a lot better to listen to the Video Clip below.

Dabkeh Libnanyeh.

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