Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Will the Regime stands after so many knock outs...

Sure, there is lot of different ways to bring the corrupted regimes down, and every country has different characters of Rulers. Those regimes, that the people of Tunisia and Egypt, could bring them down, because they are not blood suckers, like in Yemen, Libya and Syria. They went down in minimum casualties, and the army of each country played an essential role by good respond to the people, and warning the removed rulers of the Sequences if they do not go, immediately.

In Syria, the Dictator will fight to the last man of the Opposition, because they lack to Real Opposition Leader Organisations. They have not put in action their Real Agenda, do they want to bring the Regime down, or they want the same Regime to make the required Reforms and Assad on its Head. Do they believe Assad any more, that he promised for reforms, since he came to power eleven years ago, and had done a little that, does not affect his Eternal Bath Party Authority.

The common thing, that is the same, like what happened in Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen, that the demonstrators occupied the Capital Cities, which kept the Dictators, surrounded by the screams of the people, and rapid the stance of bringing them down.

The Regime in Syria, has its first knock out in 2005, when the FREE 75% of the Lebanese forced it out of Lebanon, but the Opposition in Syria waited for this Regime to wake up of that blow, and they did not take that, REAL OPPORTUNITY, to finish it, which will cost them now hundred folds.

The following video clips show, the series of events took place recently in Syria.

Forty years Syrian Regime

Revolt on Assad

Signs of Democracy Supporters in Syria

Deraa's Revolt

Protests in Damascus and REEF DEMASHK

Demonstrations in Telbisah

Revolt continues in Deraa

Demonstrations and speeches

Burning the Dictator Posters

The Regime's Ghosts terrorising the streets.. MUKHABARAT.

Speech against the Regime

Evidence of Corruption in Syria

More of the Regimes Ghosts in the streets

Lathkiya, the Strong Hold of Dictator, revolts

The Mukhabarat attacking the Protesters

Demonstrators pictures, the Regime says, are terrorists

The Army approaches kindly to the Protesters, and that suppose to be.

 Protesters Hitting Assad's Poster with their boots, they crossed the FEAR LINE.

NO FEAR the People of Syria are HERE.

The Massacres Broadcasting

GHOWAR and the Regime Years Ago.

Shukair Song YA HEIF

Salute to the the People of CHANGE in Syria, from London.

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