Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Security in Lebanon is Supplement to Security in Syria is a, Lie ....

36 Years, passed to the Incident of a BUS in Ain Errimaneh, that ignited the bloody war in Lebanon, which they called it Falsely Civil War. That war, though is not pleasantly  to remember, but it was directed by the same parties of today's. Once, they said , it was against the Palestinians who took advantage, and tried to control Lebanon, and the war against them, by Amel of Nabih Berri, and the Phalanges, still to be remembered, and off course, by the game, the Syrian Regime played, to keep the Lebanese divided, that they could stay for thirty years.

The Faces, the Directors of that, Miserable period of History, of Lebanon's Fate, was played by the Regional Powers.The Faces, still holding the Political games, and they, only need, another BUS Incident, as that of 36 years ago, to ignite the Bloody war in Lebanon again. Those Politicians that, dominated by GREED and Wealth, playing with the Lebanese Destiny with no Shame. 36 Years, and they could not take Lebanon to the Safe Shores, what we should call those Politicians, Idiots, sure they are not, because the Lebanese are not idiots, they are over loaded with cleverness, and that is why, they are successful every where in the World. We should call these Leaders of Reckless, they do every thing possible to stay in POWER. 

When, we finished with the Palestinian Military factions, in the Eighties, we started with the Syrian, Military Factions, until, the Israel's Raid to Lebanon, forced the Regime in Syria, to leave Lebanon under the Israeli Flags in Soufar, a  Beirut Suburb. We forced the Israeli out of the Mountains of Lebanon, specially in Chouf and Ikleem Al Kharoub, the Syrian Regime took the Opportunity, to return to Beirut and most of the Lebanese territories except the South, and played the same game as before, and kept the Lebanese divided over twenty five years, and we are still living on the same rules The Syrian Regime engraved in some Lebanese people's political life.

Our Reckless Leaders, say that, Security in Lebanon is a Supplement, to the Security in Syria. If we, Lebanese are required to protect the Syrian Side from Bekaa Valley, who is protecting the Syrian Regime from Kuneitrah and Golan Heights, why the Security of Syria, is only from Lebanon, why not from Jordan, or from the Sea Syrian.s Shores, or from the Air, while the Israeli Jets regularly, breaching their Skies. Who is protecting the Regime in Syria now, from the upheaval revolts of the Syrian Free People.

Our Leaders are reckless, and are not FIT, to run the Country. The changes should happen as soon as possible, to have Representatives Loyal to Lebanon, and protect the Lebanese, Economy, Dignity, Honour, Freedom, and Independence. A Sound and Real Democratic System, will automatically, removes the present Sectarian System, and removes the lousy differences of the Lebanese. 

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