Sunday, 24 April 2011

Where Democracy came from...

The Supermarket

The Millions that, stormed the Streets of Beirut on 14 March 2005, was the Spark, that charged the Huge Revolts, that, reloaded the Ammunition to the Reservoirs of Freedom and Democracy to the Regions, and specially the Arabs. Sure we are on the right TRACKS, and the Trains Roaring and stopping on every Station, carrying more and more people, who were left behind over Half a Century.

We in Lebanon, started, this Revolt, but the Devil's Forces Suppressed it, by using all they could, to keep it in Lebanon. If there are Devils and Angel in this Life, then the Forces of Angels, managed to sneak out of Lebanon within six years, to the Vast Area, where they were supported wildly and winning most of the Grounds that, the Devil's Forces used to occupy. The Battles still going FIRMER and STRONGER.

Why Lebanon, because it is A SUPERMARKET. It consists, the STUFF imported, from anywhere, you name it, and you get it. It contains, the Military, and the Political products, and every product is ready to be CONSUMED. Lets see what this SUPERMARKET contains...

It has Democracy, which was born with the Supermarket,  since five thousand years, or more, we do not have records to know exactly when it started, the Management of the Supermarket, have NO Memory to remember. That Democracy, the Original one, recently was, confined in the WALLS of  AUROUBAH, and the Artists of this NEW CONCEPT, AUROUBAH. Tried to make better of it, they made their Hammers working, and because those Artists, were too many, the Democracy they, were trying to make look better, than, on the time of PHOENICIANS and ROMANS, went into pieces, and shovelled to the garbage spa, of the Arab World.  

Supermarket has, 18 Different Sectarian political Factions, with every, Faction wanted, to run the Management of the Supermarket, the way it, thought the best way, did not care, the damaged  occurred to the Others ( Products)and still, they exercise their own way of Religion Freely, and Privately. NO PROBLEMS.
It is a Lebanese, Supermarket, which suppose to be most of its Products Lebanese Origin, but there was NO PROBLEMS to have other BRANDS, ten times more than the Lebanese Brands, why not NO PROBLEMS. There was a time, when one of Imported Brands dominated on the Corners of the Supermarket, and this caused, DIVISION in the Management, and after a long fight between them, they decided to get rid of that Brand,( Palestinian), and replace it, with another, which was really profitable, famous, in many European and Western, support( Syrian). Long after, the Original exporter of this latest Brand, filled in this Supermarket, with their Brand, and there was NO Space left for others, even Lebanese and certainly, they have to take over the Management of this Firm, (Supermarket.)

This New Management, brought other different supplements, for this new business, and put at the CORNERS, of the Supermarket, other SUB Brands, which were supplied by the New Management, until, there was NO SPACE for the Original Lebanese Brands whatsoever. Then, the Problems, started to blow on the New Management, and THE KNOCK OUT, was 14 March 2005.

We, continue with the Military Brands.

Hundreds of thousands, of Palestinians resided in Camps in Lebanon, as well in Syria, Jordan, and almost every Arab Country, since forced to leave 1948 Palestine, by the ZIONISTS.
For the last Sixty years, Lebanon was the only Arab Country, allowed the Palestinians to exercise, their live, almost NORMAL. By the determination of Arab Countries, and specially the Regime in Syria, they forced the armed resistance for the Palestinians Factions, ( please do not ask, me how many of them, because I lost counting), from the South of Lebanon, against Israel., every thing was changed, when the Whole Arabs, lost the 1967 War, and Israel gained more lands. Egypt, and Jordan managed to get lands back by PEACEFUL, Agreements. Syria declined, because the Concept of, what was taken by FORCE, should be returned by FORCE, but... From Lebanon and not Golan Heights.

Israel entered Lebanon, 1982, and cleaned most of Lebanese parts,  the Palestinians Military Machines, specially in Beirut, while the Warriors of Syrian Regime, withdrew from Beirut, under the Israel's Flag in the Suburbs, Sofar in the near Mountains, back to Damascus. The Israels cleaned the Armed Palestinians from Beirut, and the Syrian Regime cleaned the armed Palestinians in Tripoli, North of Lebanon. The two Country's Syria and Israel's STRATEGIES were 100% similar.

Israel withdrew from Beirut and the Lebanese Mountains, under the Hits of the Resistance, to the South of Lebanon, and stayed there, almost twenty years. Within, that period of time, The Syrian Regime returned to Lebanon, PEACEFULLY,  the Resistance, cleared its way back.

The results, of their return, was forming all kind of armed Organisations that, needed, to cause troubles in Lebanon, up to this date. Hezbollah was formed, by defectors of AMAL Movement, the Main armed Faction of Shite, and was strengthened by Arms and Money from Iran, through the Regime of Syria, who shares certainly, the MONEY, with Hezbollah, and recently Hezbollah is trying to take over, the Authority in Lebanon, and legalise it as the right arm of Iran, to fight, what they claim, against the West, specially USA.

The Syrian Regime, while in Lebanon for fifteen years, turned the Country into Huge Supermarket, which consists, all  kind of terror organisations, that, threatened the Unity of the Lebanese, and left it, into pieces, shared among the Wolves, that had been fed by the Regime, to keep its control on the Country, that, was more important than the Syrian Golan Heights, and without that, certainly, the Regime would have collapsed  long time ago.

What happens, in Syria, and Arabs, now, is the result of the wrong Strategy of all those Regimes. Because, they were found to keep their People repressed, and stay in power, and certainly, suits Israel, and would not like the changes, and see the Regimes gave the silence on Its Borders, thirty six years peace, to collapse.

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