Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Foreign Minister an Extension....

Five weeks, since the Thunderous Demonstrations, started in our neighbours back yard. I do not think, that was a surprise, for the Worst Regime in the World, but they new very well that, could not be stopped. People of Syria had it to the throat, of poverty, unemployment, Media, and healthcare. These people waited for forty years, in vain, for reforms, by the Ruling Gang. How do they expect reforms from a policing Regime, filled with all kind of hatred, to the Intellectuals, Human Rights, and any progress on Freedom and Democracy Path. The people know, that all the promises, by the Regime are just an illusion, that to keep the International pressure away only, this international Community, that interested about Human Rights, like it was in Tunisia, and Egypt.

The reasons, that the Regime in Syria, trying its best, to drag any kind of outside interferences, to miscarriage, the Revolt, and accuse the Demonstrators, that they are an outside MEANS, to spread troubles in the Country. The Regime had its fabricated stories, ready even before, the Demonstrations started, that's, why, came to light, almost immediately with the Revolts of the People.

One of these fabricated stories, that Parties in Lebanon, are pushing guns, and infiltrators, to Syria, and shooting on both sides Security Forces and Protesters, to cause confrontations, and bloodshed. They brought the captured person, put him seated in a very comfortable seater, and taking his time and scatting, to give himself  time, to remember what he was dictated to say. Then couple of days later, we understood, he was released free to leave the country.

Though the Regime main person, exposed a liar, our pro Regime's wolves in Lebanon, carried out, and built on more fabricated stories, on the same story.

The Ambassador of the Regime, in Lebanon, had the courage, to interfere, in our internal affairs, as the Syrian Regime did for the last thirty years, and dictated to the Judicial Body, to put hands on the matter, and take actions, bypassing the so called, Diplomatic Path, between the two countries, as if Rustom Ghazali still in Anjar.

The most disgusting, is that our Foreign Minister, was standing there, and not responding to the Ambassador's behaviours, as he would, respond to any other, international Interference in our affairs, like the American Ambassador, ( Lavash Kiri), the Laughing Cow, as they called her, when she just visited a Member of our disgraced Parliament, though in our case, the person accused of causing troubles in Syria is a Member of Parliament as well. But because our foreign Minister is an Extension to, the Regime in Syria, certainly, we do not expect any action to be taken against this Intruder the Ambassador of Syria.

We, believe now, and for SURE, that, those in the Disgraced Parliament, do not represent us any more, and all without exception, should go, they MORTGAGED, our Lebanon to the Worst Regime in the World, and emptied our life, of Dignity, Honour, Morale and Economy. We should go to General Election, and sweep out all of these to the BINS.

The Revolts in Syria are going stronger, as shown below, and they have the Determination, to achieve their GOALS, and no need any help from outside, apart from Human Rights Support. The coming days will prove that.

People have their own self power, and their Power is the SOURCE, all the fabricated stories, would be defied by the Videos showing below.

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