Monday, 25 April 2011

The Count Down, Bashar AlAssad (Elwahsh), See You in Courts.

The Murderers of the Regime in Syria, who are slaughtering, their own People with COLD BLOOD, the time will come, and the JUSTICE, will be waiting for them. This Regime, had crossed all the borders of the Crimes Against Humanity.

I t is the BREAKING POINT, of this Regime, and the Count Down started, from Deraa the Mother of Martyrs.Those Heroes should know, that it is them, who have to carry the Burden of Martyrdom, and do not expect, the Help from outside the Borders. The Stupid, West, who suppose to take all the procedures to pressure on the Vicious Regime, to force it, stopping the Non-discrimination's Killing of the people, the West still giving the Butcher more time, to kill more innocents in the streets.

In Lebanon, they say, the security of Syria, is the security of Lebanon. We do not understand what, they mean of Security, is it, the Security of the Regime in Syria or in Lebanon, or the Security of the people of the two Countries. We should say it, LOUD, the Security of the people of Syria, is the Security of the people of Lebanon. The Slaughtering of the Syrian people, is the Serious Danger, on the Security of Lebanese people.
The FREE people of Lebanon, should stand FIRM with the FREE people of Syria, to help them send their Regime to HELL. Where it belongs.

We know that, Hezbollah, desperately, has to help the Regime in Syria, because the Regime is holding Hezbollah, by its throat, the Regime is the Artery that, carries Hezbollah's Blood from Iran. Hezbollah has its Arsenals stored in Syria, and the Revolts of the people, that, chanted against Hezbollah, is worrying, in case, the Dawn of Syria, cut off that Artery.

We supported, the Revolts of Tunisia, Egypt Yemen, Sudan and Bahrain, why can not support our Neighbours, which is their Security is Supplement to Our Security.

If the Silence in Lebanon, because of Hezbollah, we are sure, that, when the Regime is Collapsed, Hezbollah, will do its best, to support the Revolts and keep its Heart Beating. If the Lebanese Government does not support the Revolts in Syria, these Revolts, will return to where, it started, 14 March 2005. IN BEIRUT

Maps show the Areas, Revolts taking place, Deraa

Damascus and Suburbs

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