Saturday, 30 April 2011

Syr 2704 Syrians fleeing to Lebanon 2904

Syrians families fleeing the fight in Tel Kalekh to Mesta hammoud in Lebanon

We heard, recently, new claim, that, if The Criminal Regime in Syria, has collapsed, then Lebanon will be in the middle of troubles, and that is why, the Officials of the Lebanese are worried, and not taking any steps, to support, the Revolts in Syria.Though the Majority of the Lebanese supports the Revolts, any where and Specially in Syria, for Freedom and Democracy Dawn.

If we believe these rumours, what will happen, in Lebanon. Is it Hezbollah, will take over the Control, in Lebanon, in fact it is now, and all these Officials, under the Hammer of Hezbollah, then what, will be the difference in a new situation. I wrote a couple of years ago, as a comment, to one of Annahar's respected Writer, and said, if you want, to have peace in Lebanon, Aoun should be the President, Ayatollah Nosrullah, the Speaker of the Parliament, Shaikh Kass em the Prime Minster, and Ra ad, the Defence Minister. It looks funny New Rulers of Lebanon, actually, looks like, a Father of a Family, with all the kids, and wife against him, but the MOTHER, has the duty to do Sex, with the Head of the House, for the Safety, of her children, but one day, the Mother, will enter her Husband bed, and a knife in her hand, and he laugh NO MORE ( Tom Jone's DELILAH SONG).
Collapsed Regime in Syria, that bring troubles to Lebanon is a CRAP, at least we have Free and Democratic regime next to our Border with Syria, and we have Hezbollah Party, downed to some people's Party instead of ALLAH. Because, the Syrian Regime is holding Hezbollah right on the throat, and black mailing it, to keep the threats in the South of Lebanon, and on the Lebanese, because of the reaction of Israel, in case of troubles started, and that put pressure on the West to, accept this Regime Agenda. Why, do we have to believe what Mr Berri says. Mr Berri is the spoiled kid of the Regime in Syria, in the Face of Hezbollah.
Whence, the Regime in Syria collapsed, we will have, the beginning of lasting PEACE among the Lebanese people, as Muslim, Christians, and other Sectarian Factors. By the collapse of this Damned Regime, is like killing a WORM in a Delicious Apples in a Box.
The World gave this Regime a LIMITED time to give the people of Syria what they want, and FAST, otherwise will have the END, like other stronger Regimes in the Region, down to the History's Waste Bin.

During, the War against Gaza, 2008, I wrote on this Page, a call to the Palestinians, to do their best and Unite, under one Authority, because it is the only way, that, Israel will compromise, for lasting Peace, and do not allow, any other Arab Regimes to interfere in their Affairs, because No one knows, the Palestinian Interests, better than, the Palestinians them selves. After just three years, it was True, they met, and those Palestinian Leaders, were taking the Syrian Regimes as Head Quarters, of Ha mas, are looking, for a HAVEN to Shelter.

The Regime that, slaughters its own people, does not care a Damn about, other Arab's safety people, and that what happens in Syria NOW.

Tanks in Deraa Syria

Tanks rolling to Deraa and Damascus

Shaikh Maskeen

Shaikh Maskeen

Al Meidan

Deraa attacked

Al Meidan

Suburb of Damascus

Protesters Near Damascus, Al Kuswah

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