Sunday, 17 April 2011

Two Speeches in Two WEEKS...

For the second time, the Head of the Regime in Syria, appears, to tell the People of Syria, what his plans for the coming, near future. Most of the Speech was a routine dictation, only, the Emergency Law, under hammer, but NEXT WEEK. The Regime is still playing games with, the Demands of Protesters all over Syria, and their best was, last Friday called the WAKEN Prayers. The Protesters who paid the price of at least two hundred VICTIMS killed, and thousands wounded, by the Security Forces and the Ghosts of the Regime,were marred by the Silly Speech of Yesterday. There should not be stop, or degrade the Demonstrations, until the Whole Demands of the FREE people to be eliminated, and there are so many.

The accusations, of the Syrian Regime to, some Lebanese Parties of smuggling Guns to the Protesters, is a plan, to miscarriage, the REVOLT, and it is a Disgrace to the Free People of Syria. Certainly those facing tanks, and snipers and batons, by the Regime and determined to take the Revolts to the END, do not need guns, from any outside party, DETERMINATION do not need guns, the People voices, are stronger and higher than the noises of tanks and sniper shootings.

Like I mentioned, in previous, article, the Syrian Ambassador in Lebanon, snoop up his big head, to dictate to the Lebanese, the Orders of his Masters in Damascus, like they used in very old days, and they do not want to know, that, they are not wanted in interfering in OUR AFFAIRS no more, and the Ambassador should respect that. The Foreign Secretary of Lebanon, should invite this Ambassador, and warn him, that he should follow the diplomatic path, in claiming these serious accusations, it is the Respect to our Sovereignty, but, really, we do not expect, anything like that, because our Foreign Secretary, is an extension to the Regime in Syria.

Songs for Bush, should be popular in Arab World

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