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Sudan and Somalia. the Misery of Nations

These are the Magnificent, Civilisations, that, the Arab Regimes, achieved, for their people, comfortable Life. People live on the RUN, from the Brutality, Cruelty, Ethnic Discriminations, Starvation, Slaves to their LOAF of Bread. They, run for NO VALUE for lives. Begging, the world for assistance, while the Dictators, and their Gangs, pack the Money and Wealth at their Bank Accounts, with False Names to avoid the day, that, their people hold them accountable for their MISERY, and the Regime's Leaders CRIMES against Humanity

These Dictators, that, the Arab Nations carried their Burden for half a century, to achieve a point, that these Nations are two Centuries behind Humanity.

غرق 197 مهاجرا قبالة الشواطئ السودانية في البحر الاحمر

آخر تحديث:  الأربعاء، 6 يوليو/ تموز، 2011، 00:00 GMT
مركب مهاجرين غير شرعيين قبالة مالطا
يجازف كثير من المهاجرين الافارقة بحياتهم ويتكدسون في قوارب غالبا ما تتعرض لحوادث غرق.
افادت وسائل اعلام سودانية بأن 197 مهاجرا افريقيا قضوا غرقا في المياه الاقليمية السودانية في البحر الاحمر بعد احتراق مركب كان يقلهم بطريقة غير شرعية الى السعودية.
وقال المركز السوداني للخدمات الصحفية،التابع للحكومة السودانية ان ثلاثة اشخاص فقط تم انقاذهم من ركاب المركب.
ونقل عن السلطات المختصة بولاية البحر الأحمر افادتها بأن الحادث وقع اثر احتراق المركب التي كانت تقلهم بعد إبحارها لمدة 4 ساعات في البحر الأحمر لأسباب لازالت مجهولة.
ونقلت فرانس برس عن المتحدث باسم الشرطة السودانية احمد التهامي تأكيده للحادثة وقوله "نعم المعلومات حول حادثة غرق المركب صحيحة, ولكنا لم نتلق التفاصيل بعد".

Misery of the African HORN
Somalis flee drought and civil war
Published 05 July 2011 19:39 1005 Views
Tens of thousands of Somalis fled their country in June, marking another rise in the flood of refugees streaming into neighbouring Ethiopia and Kenya. Many come to Dadaab, the largest refugee camp in the world, where around 1,400 people are arriving each week. Dadaab was built to house 90,000 people; it's now home to more than 350,000. Many children suffering from malnourishment are reported to have died on the long trek to the camp or within a day of arriving. Behind the crisis lies a devastating mix of civil war, rising food prices

Arab Leaders, the way keep their people in HELL. Is Israel to be Blamed for sixty years.

Troops pushed back El Shabab
Somalia troops roll back fighters in capital
Published 02 July 2011 03:45 245 Views

Somali Forces and Rebels Militias Troubles

US 'extends drone strikes to Somalia'
First such attack reported in east African nation reportedly wounds two leaders of anti-government group al-Shabab.
Last Modified: 30 Jun 2011 20:0
Al-Shabab fighters parade new recruits after arriving in Mogadishu, the Somali capital, in October 2010 [Reuters]
The strike, said to have been carried out on June 23, is believed to have targeted a convoy of fighters belonging to al-Shabab, which is fighting to overthrow Somalia's weak Transitional National Government and impose Islamic law.
The attack was not immediately identified as a drone strike, but a senior US military official familiar with the operation told the Washington Post newspaper on Thursday that it had come from such an aircraft.

South Sudan advances toward independence
Published 21 June 2011 15:41 1444 Views
Increasing tensions in the region could dampen the mood. Rebel groups are destabilising parts of the south and skrimishes in south Khordofan have displaced thousands of people. Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa reports from the Juba, Sudan

Independence of the South Sudan

Sudan's Nuba people 'targeted by army'
Published 22 June 2011 20:31 433 Views
The Sudanese army has been fighting armed groups in South Kordofan state for two weeks. The area sits on the tense border between south Sudan and the north. It is home to the Nuba people, who say the Sudanese forces are deliberately targeting civilians. The government in Khartoum denies the claims. Al Jazeera's Haru Mutasa reports from Juba in Southern Sudan

NUba people and Arm in Sudan
Food shortage looms over Somalia
Published 18 June 2011 16:42 297 Views
Somalia's drought is worsening and the tense security situation is hindering aid operations in the country. But al Shabab fighters, with links to Al-Qaeda, have reportedly been trying to bolster support by offering help to those in need as an alternative to western aid which they claim is a propaganda tool. While lack of food for the next few months is expected to be a major problem, after two decades of war Somalis are no stranger to adversity. Jamal Osman reports from Wanlaweyn, eastern Somalia

Somalia Shortages of FOOD.

Medics on front line in Somalia

Refugees of Sudan

Children of Mugadishu.

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