Friday, 20 May 2011

The Stolen Majority realised, the Devastation of their Action.

Our Lebanon

It is clear by now, that 8March Force, supported by the Syrian Regime, had committed a very serious Mistake, when they conspired, to crack down, on the so called by that, time, United Government headed by Mr Harriri.

Mr Harriri was Genuine, when he suggested, a united government, to include the Oppositions who lost the General elections 2009. The opposition, went in that DEAL, for certain reasons,and BAD Intentions, found out later, to be the Destruction of the State of Lebanon, or at least to keep it weak to the Minimum, and strengthened the Power of the Opposition lead by Hezbollah. Hezbollah who had a very clear, agenda, to strongly fight Israel, and on the same Parallel line, keep the Iranian advantages in Lebanon strong as well. This agenda, worked for a while, 2005-2011.

The Stormable Changes, that hit the Region, started, recently, in Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Bahrain and Yemen, turned down all the Expectations by the Syrian Regime, and the Oppositions with the Stolen  Majority in Lebanon. The Storms hit the Syrian Grounds, Hard, that shook the Regime very hard, and knocked it off Balance. If the Shepherd, of the Lebanese stolen Majority was knocked,  no doubt, the Allies in Lebanon, would feel the consequences.

The way the Stolen Majority, was talking to the Lebanese, from above and with prejudice, using all means of psychological terror, and some times Guns, and pushing hard to put their Agenda in Force, it is hitting the Brakes now, and talking to the Lebanese in a Moderate Language, because , they are off Control of the Situation took place. They used to say it loud, that there should be a New Cabinet, from their Political Blocs ONLY, to face the Changes in the Arab World, but when the Storm Hit Syria, they changed to a Mixture of Political Personnel, in one Cabinet, and lately, they admit, that, the Cabinet should be a United Government, which was exactly of Harriri's, that is SQUARE ONE, January 2011.

Certainly, when Harriri, suggested a United Government, lot of Political and National Parties opposed, because, the Government should be controlled by the Majority, that won the General Elections 2009, and those lost, should play the Oppositions, and that is, the Real Democratic System should work. Harriri insisted, and that was the END, of such Government, that does not take the Voices of the Lebanese Majority into account.

Our Respected Leaders, are holding the FATE of the Country, according to the Events at Our Neighbourhood, they put the whole Lebanese Interests and Future, and damaging the Economy, and put, Lebanese Dignity, Independence, Sovereignty, and Security, in the Balance, and the Country is open to the Unknown, just to wait and see, what will happen to the Unpopular Dictator in Syria. It is Disgusting, to rationalise our Country and people to just, what will happen to a passing by Regime.

The Lebanese people will not forgive The Leaders or The Members of The Lebanese Parliament, to the Stage that brought down, our Country, and Generations Future to such a state. We will face those in the coming General Elections, 2013, and put them in the right place, where they should be. The Lebanese should not give them a chance to play with the FATE of the Lebanese any more. They had the Power by US, and we will make sure they do not have it. Without the people's Power, they are NOTHING, they can only be business men, selling an buying their stuff, and the Lebanese people, are not JUST STUFF.

The Present Members of this Parliament do not represent us. They should be representing Syrian and Iranian Regimes only.

We apologise not to publish those Leader's Photos, because they, are not worth printing them on this page.

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