Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Laden killed, as simple as that..

Obama announces Death of Osama

Death of the Most Terrorist in History

September 11

Osama and Obama


Bin Laden Break Dance

On Russian TV

There is no doubt, that, the whole World will celebrate today, the DEATH of the Most Wanted Man in History.  

He made, the most sophisticated Military Agencies, to work round the Clock, for ten years, to pin him down, and kill him, with his Aids, and capture some others.

The question is, is it the End of Terrorism, certainly NOT. No doubt, that, this man had his plans, and already, put them  in Force with, the Members that work for Al Kaeda. These terrorised Cells, work separately, and every Cell has an independent Leader, and in certain place. But, killing the Founder of those cells, is a Great Achievement, Psychologically, and it looks, like a Knock Out, but the Man, certainly, planted very dangerous individuals Terrorist, round the World.

Sure we have to think, positively, that the Chain of Terrorism has ripped off., as the Chain of Dictators to the same Destination.  

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