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Lebanese Interests and Sanctions on Syrian Personnel..

The scream that Mr Jumblat, blown out in the PSP newspaper Monday,

 was like, a Storm in a Tea Cup. Sure he was right, there should be 

a Cabinet by now, after four months, of playing lightly, with the Lebanese 

Interests, and recklessly, taking Lebanon to the BankruptcySince, 

the Revolts started in our Neighbourhood, the Out of Date Politicians 

in Lebanon, hit the brakes of the Lebanese Life Circulations, timing to the Syrian's  Regime Clock Ticking. 

What is the Logic, of tying, the Lebanese People Destiny, to the Destiny of a Regime, its own People reject it, and this Regime is wiping out, anything moving in the Streets. Are the Politicians in Lebanon, more concerned about this Regime, more than the people of Syria themselves. Is there, really independent Country, and rulers in Lebanon, that looking for the Lebanese Interests, or are they just the Extensions of the Regime in Syria, and Agents employed by that Regime. Do these rulers represent the Lebanese, or are they representing the Syrians.

The Logic is, that we should support, the people and their ambitions, in running good life, and live as Human Beings, with Free Word, and Free self explained opinions, and should have complete circles of services, like education, health, and Free Media. What the Regime in Syria, gave the Syrians, anything of that, for the Last forty years, and to be precise, in the last ten years, when a young promising man came to power, as they trying to describe him, the Americans and the Europeans, and France in specific. Recently, we have seen the way the Young Man, was doing to his own people, hundreds killed and hundreds wounded, and thousands detained, because they are shouting out for their Essential Factors of life.

The people of Syria, saying ,they do not want this regime, the International Community, shouting and telling the Young Man of Syria to stop killing his own people, they stretched the Sanctions on the Regime's Personnels, some of them wanted already, for previous criminal acts in Lebanon and Syria itself. The International Community has more to apply, to force, the Regime in Syria to stop treating the people as such murdering way.
Still, the Lebanese Politicians, support that Regime, how the Lebanese, would trust their Politicians, and representatives, when they support Tyranny, and Injustice on our Neighbours, and hold our life circulation, just to please a blood sucker Regime.

The scream of Jumblat, certainly is genuine, but, most of the contradicted same side parties called 8 March Forces, do not take any notice to this scream, you can tell, from the reactions of most of them. We hope he stands firm facing this carelessness, from these taking the Country to the Unknown, to please a well shaken Regime, and disregard, the Interests of the Lebanese and the Syrians as well

U.S. slaps sanctions on top Syrian officials

By the CNN Wire Staff
April 29, 2011 -- Updated 1923 GMT (0323 HKT)
The new sanctions against top members of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
His name will be on the upgraded coming list.

The new sanctions against top members of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
  • NEW: At least 22 more people died Friday in Syria due to the government's crackdown
  • NEW: The Obama administration had hoped Assad would prove to be a reformer
  • The U.S. government has imposed new sanctions against Syria
  • The sanctions are in response to the Syrian government's crackdown on protesters
Washington (CNN) -- The U.S. 
government announced Friday that it has imposed new sanctions against top 
members of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad responsible for overseeing the recent violent crackdown against protesters.
The sanctions -- imposed on Assad's 
brother, among others -- involve 
an asset freeze and travel ban, 
as well as a prohibition on doing 
business in the United States.
"I have determined that the Government of Syria's 
human rights abuses, including those related to 
the repression of the people in Syria ... constitute 
an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national 
security, foreign policy, and economy of 
the United States," President Barack Obama 
said in a letter to House 
Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.
Assad's increasingly bloody crackdown 
resulted in at least another 22 deaths Friday, 
witnesses said.
Last week, the White House released a 
statement by Obama condemning "in 
the strongest possible terms 
the use of force by the Syrian government 
against demonstrators."
"This outrageous use of violence to 
quell protests must come to an end now," Obama said.
Until Friday, the administration had taken 
a more muted response to the crackdown
 in Syria out of fear of destabilizing the 
Assad regime. Officials have voiced concern 
about possible sectarian tensions if 
Assad's Alawite minority government is 
overthrown, and have expressed little 
confidence in Syria's fragmented opposition.
Washington has also been under pressure 
from Israel and allies in the Gulf such as 
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, 
who fear Assad's departure could produce 
a more radical Syria and encourage 
further revolutions, officials said.
At the same time, however, a number 
of U.S. officials and Western diplomats 
have described Assad's regime as 
increasingly brittle, and are predicting 
it may be hard for Assad to survive.
The United States has less leverage 
in Syria than it does in other countries. 
The Bush administration already 
imposed strict sanctions against
 Damascus in 2004, including a 
ban on almost all trade between 
the two countries. It is unclear 
how effective the new round of sanctions 
will be.
The administration appears to have 
ruled out the use of any military
 force -- a stark contrast to the 
recent course of action in Libya.
"Syria is a different country (than Libya). 
It's in a different place," Joint Chiefs 
of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen said 
Thursday. "While we certainly abhor the 
violence and abhor the killing, I think we have 
to be very mindful of the uniqueness 
of Syria in both its history, its location, 
and what the potential is."
Obama administration officials had 
hoped Assad, unlike his father, would 
prove to be a reformer. Those hopes 
now appear to be waning.
"We are worried he is dropping all 
pretences of reform and carrots and 
sticks, and is going to go out hard 
with all sticks," one official said recently. 
"We are expecting him to increase the crackdown."

العمال السوريون العشرة: عملية "إعدام" مقصودة؟

الثلثاء 10 أيار (مايو) 2011
عملية قتل العمال السوريين العشرة من لبنان هل كانت عملية "إعدام" مقصودة؟ ذلك هو الإنطباع السائد في بلدة "قبر شمون" بلبنان حيث كان العمال العشرة يسكنون، والتي يشعر سكّانها باستياء بالغ إزاء المصير المروّع الذي تعرّض له ضيوفهم الراحلون.
مصادر خاصة بالشفاف من بيروت أكدت ان العمال السوريين العشرة الذين اطلقت النار عليهم اثناء عودتهم إلى سوريا، كانوا يسكنون في بلدة "قبرشمون" الجبلية من قضاء عاليه في لبنان، وكانوا طوال الوقت يتناقشون بأفضل السبل لدعم الانتفاضة في سوريا. فالبعض منهم اعتبر ان الجلوس في لبنان بانتظار العمل الذي لا يأتي كثيراً هذه الأيام لن يعطيهم فائدة، في الوقت الذي صار السكان يسألونهم عن أخبار مدنهم وقراهم. ولذلك قرر الشبان العودة إلى سوريا متحمسين ان يكونوا مع ابناء بلدهم في ثورته. وقد عرفت المخابرات السورية ذلك عبر أحد أزلامها المعروفين الذي بقي في قبرشمون واختفى مباشرة بعد اطلاق النار، لأن من بقي من عمال اتهموه بدماء الشهداء العشرة.‬

Arresting Protesters

Ten Murdered Syrian Poor Workers Funerals.

خارطة الاحتجاجات في سورية
Map shows Main Cities people's protests 

Protesters surrounding building, Gangs of Regime on its roof.

Security of Syria first, but never Security of Lebanon

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