Monday, 16 May 2011

Forming the Government is Lousy Comdy

Four months passed, and Mr Mikati, does not come out with a New Cabinet. All the time we, hear and read in newspapers, about the communications, meetings, and Lunch Negotiations, among the Specialists and Parties of Parliament Blocs, and the Leaders of these Parties, and the Experts, who analyse and explain, the Lebanese Constitution, once, and the TAIF Agreement, that had been signed among the Lords of Lebanese War. All those efforts, could not reach to a point that, Mr Mikati, would form the Impossible Mission's Cabinet.

 How can I help, Mr President
 We are the Sons of Teymour Lang.
 Honey moon is over
 Assalamu Aleikum
 No Fear I am here
 Hello Goodbye
 Once won the Election
God Help Lebanon

For GOD'S sake, why those Leaders, who one day were brought to power, by the Lebanese people, in a Transparent and Democratic way, could not form a Cabinet. The people of Lebanon, hold these Leaders accountable, for the Damages, they cause to the Lebanese Economy, and the Misery to the Helpless Poor.

OK, if they can not form Cabinet, why these Leaders or at least Mr Mikati, tells the Lebanese, people, the reasons, and the causes, and the Obstacles, that are in the way of his MISSION. Why the Lebanese people should not know, who is the SON of I do not know, that caused the problems, that Mr Mikati is facing.

If Mr Mikati, hides all these, informations, from the Lebanese, it means, he is not good enough to hold the Lebanese people.s TRUST. If Mr Mikati, is concerned, can not tell, who are the Real Trouble Makers, that, prevent him from forming a Cabinet, then he is not capable to hold, the Power of Prime Minister.

If the causes of delay, to form a New Cabinet, is an external Cause, then, it is easier for Mr Mikati to tell us the Good Reasons, that, made  him fail, to form the Cabinet, and Mr Mikati should not jumble up, external affairs with the Lebanese Internal Affairs, and should not keep the Lebanese in the DARK.

If the reasons, externally or internally, stopped, Mr Mikati, to from a New Cabinet, then, he should tell the Lebanese the TRUTH, and step aside, and leave the Mission, to some one, can tell us the Truth, if there is ONE.

Last week, we heard Mr Junblatt, screaming, and shouting, that this is NOT ACCEPTABLE,without Government, and still saying that, today. Mr Junblat was the one who, made the Big Bang, last January, by helping, the previous Government to Collapse, and this was used by the so called( If Mr Berri permits) 8 March Forces, and up to this moment, these Forces do not trust Mr Junblat, and even do not listen to him. Is he going, just to sit there, and watch, to what his MOVE had done, or make another Big Bang, and pull the Country out of this DILEMMA.

Our personal opinion is, if Mr Mikati, is waiting any kind of encouragement, from the Shepherd, of 8 March Forces, in Damascus, certainly he will wait, forever, because no more Green Light in that place, it is all RED LIGHTS.

Or if those, forming the New Cabinet, trying to pave the way of their interests, for the coming General Elections 2013, I believe, the Lebanese people had learned,  very serious Lessons, from our last elected Leaders, and they have disappointed, their VOTERS. The Lebanese, will make sure to select the Right Members of Parliament next time, and will not make the same mistakes. These Leaders put the Country and the Lebanese people's Interests in UNCERTAINNESS.

Protesters sent to the Border Fence, without protection, 10 killedand 45
wounded, in Maroun ElRas

Waving to the Regime, who has the Key Word to the Lebanese Security. In
Tel Kalakh

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