Thursday, 5 May 2011

Al Qaeda will never find the Dead Body

We believe Mr Obama, that, the Military, had done the Rituals for the Dead Osama, before was buried. But why, they did not show the body after the shooting, make us doubt, the way Obama killed Osama.

The Americans say, it is disturbing to show the Disfigured, face and head of the DEAD. That, means he was shot, so many times in the head, or was shot by special bullets, that explode, when hit the body, or anything else. They used these bullets, to make sure when hit, has no chance to live.

They said, Osama was not armed, and there is another woman, in the same room, why the woman only wounded, but the Man is killed. Many questions, which, the answers will never come to light, and we have to wait for New Wikileaks.

The Head of the most, dangerous Organization in History, is DEAD, but we ask if this will make a serious impact on its activities, time will tell.

Bin Laden Compound

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