Friday, 13 May 2011

Revolts in Syria

Defying the threats from Maher Assad and Makhlouf, who want to fight the people to the end, hundred sof thousands went to the streets today in Syria in many Cities, and Towns, repeating their DEMANDS, Freedom, Human Rights, Free Media, and to release all those have been detained in last Demonstrations, all around Syria. The GIANT is out of the URN, and will not go back in it, because of the Determination, of the FREE Syrian People. and they are going to achieve, what they have paid the high price for it.

Barzeh Demascus 1305

Sakba City protests, Release the detainees.

Amouda Protests 1305


Derbasya protests 1305

Homs Elkhaldya

Ain El Arab protests 1305

After years of Kurdish exclusion in Syria by the ruling Baath regime, there is hope for unity and justice once again.
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"What happened in Deraa has increased my national pride. Now, I feel more Syrian than ever" [EPA]
For 24-year-old Azad, a poet and political activist from Amouda in northeast Syria, it was a single word, cried from streets at the other end of the country that cut through the tangle of ethnic and political division that has defined Kurdish identity in Syria for generations.
"When people from Deraa shouted for freedom, not for pan-Arab unity, not for liberating Palestine or for unity with Egypt and Lebanon as in the past, it pushed young Kurds in Syria to feel the same as them," he said.
"What happened in Deraa has increased my national pride. Now, I feel more Syrian than ever."

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