Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Self Appointed Consultant Khaminei ….

Usually, the people of a Country and their Prominent Leaders, decide, what is really good Interests to their Future. It is their Rights and No Outsiders, should interfere in their National Affairs.

The Palestinian Cause is old as SIXTY YEARS. The time the Zionist put their FEET, on this Land. The Arabs, were defeated, in 1948 war, and the Jews, occupied almost, half the Lands, was called Palestine. There was a Resolution that the Arabs should accept, the Jews presence, and Divide the Lands 50/50. Sure the Arabs rejected, the Resolution, and put the FAMOUS TITLE for their WAR against the Jews,  anything had been taken by Force, should be returned by Force.

In 1967 WAR, the Arabs were defeated badly, and the Palestinians lost more Lands, and Jews State was spread all over the Palestinian’s Soil and on more of Syrian and Lebanese Lands as well.

Since then, the Arab’s Regimes, continue to pack up all kind of Military Machine, with all the Shouting and Screaming to convince their people, that, these regimes would not spare a minute, and any  Ways and Means, to defeat the Enemy, and bring the Gods Victory into REALITY. Only by then,  the Arabs would regain their DIGNITY, HONOR and their Lands from the Zionist Occupiers. We found out recently, that all those ARMS and GUNS, were used against their OWN people and had never  been used  against the Enemy to REGAIN the LOST TERITORIES.

In Year 2000, the Resistance in Lebanon, gave the Enemy Hard times, and Israel had to leave South of Lebanon, except Shibaa Farms, Kfershuba Hills, and Ghajar Town, because of DISPUTE of Lebanese Syrian Governments over the Ownership, after 18 years of OCCUPATION.

In year 2006, there was another WAR, between Lebanon, and Israel, which caused 2000 Lebanese Deaths, thousands wounded, and  over hundreds of Thousands displaced and flew the South Part of Lebanon, and caused the worst Misery in Lebanese History, and FORCED the Resistance to LEAVE the SOUTH of Lebanon, to the North of Litani River, and replaced by UNIFIL Forces.

The Detailed History above, to show the  STOPS that, the Arabs and the Palestinians passed through, and SIXTY YEARS, they could not make a forward Move, to retain their Rights of Lands had taken by the Enemy.

Everyone in this World knows, that, NO WAY, the Armed Forces of Arabs Countries and the Muslim Countries can drive the Jews State to the SEA and Liberate, the WHOLE Palestinian Lands. Only Negotiations would reach some kind of Solution, that Jews State, and Palestinian State, would LIVE Near each other in PEACE.

The Palestinian People are convinced and they CHOSE, the PATH, they want, and may achieve, their Dignity, Honor, Sovereignty, and Independence, on the Resolution of Palestinian State on 1967, Lands. This kind of Resolution the Palestinian’s Officials are working on, in the United Nations.

Ayatollah Khaminei, did not like, the CHOICE of the Palestinian People, he wanted to liberate the Palestinian Lands and throw the Jews at the SEA, because this Man, has the Influence on Hamas in Gaza, he is talking on the Palestinian Outlaws Behalf. There was a war on Gaza 2008, and we did NOT, see the Iranians, that  Khaminei their State’s Head, had done anything good at all, to the Palestinian People who were taking all the HELL of Misery from Israel. The Iranians are giving arms and guns to Gaza, just to cause more troubles and DIVISION, among the Palestinians, and put this matter in the Interests of Iran, to FACE the International Community, the Difficulties and Sanctions on Iran.

The Iranian should keep out of the Palestinian’s Affair, and leave them to CHOOSE their own PATH to Freedom and Independence, and Ayatollah Khaminei, should look to his OWN people Interests, that are crushed on the street of Tehran, and the Political Personals, that were detained and tortured to DEATH, in their Prisons. We ask Ayatollah, to give Orders to the Iranian, troops to get out of the Occupied THREE ISLANDS, belong to Bahrain, before he liberates Palestine.

A Regime, like that in Tehran and Syria, should not allowed to interfere in the Arab people’s affairs, who are anxious to be FREE and looking for a Democratic and Free Achievements.

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