Monday, 17 October 2011


No one of the Lebanese believed, that, there is a Diplomatic Relationship, between Syria and Lebanon in a SERIOUS WAY. That move had been done by the Syrian Government in Damascus, just to please the WEST.

The break through the Lebanese BORDERS by the Regime’s TROOPS in Syria and killing Lebanese and Syrian Citizens on the Lebanese SOIL, clearly proves, that the Regime never admitted that, Lebanon is an Independent State, and should be RESPECTED.

Recently, Isamy, a former Vice President in Syria and A DRUZE, KIDNAPPED, with many other Syrian Citizens from the HEART of Lebanese SOIL, also proves that, the MUKHABARAT of the Regime is still strongly working, by the COLLABORATION, of ACTIVE CELL sleeping in Lebanon. We understand that, the Syrian Ambassador in Lebanon is the HEAD of this SLEEPING TERRORIZED CELL. This was exposed by the Head of the Information Lebanese Squad, and passed to the Officials in Lebanon. The Lebanese Diplomatic Body did not make a MOVE to clear this INCIDENT, and the Lebanese Judicial Body did not take any ACTION, to make the Syrian Diplomatic Personnel ACCOUNTABLE.

ABDUCTING, ISAMY and others from Lebanon, is a Super CRIME, that, the Lebanese Authority should bring those  to JUSTICE immediately, and the Lebanese Diplomacy should make a SERIOUS COMPLAIN to the United Nations about these behaviors of the Syrian Regime ASSAULT.

The QUESTION is, if the Lebanese Intelligence had helped the Syrian Regime’s MUKHABARAT for that ACTION, those should be held ACCOUNTABLE, and those are NOT with the Lebanese RED BLOOD, but Dinosaurs, in Jurassic Park, with BLUE BLOOD. If the Lebanese Intelligence knew about the CRIME and TURNED BLIND EYES, they are sharing this CRIME, and should be held ACCOUNTABLE.

We know that, most of the Syrian DRUZE people are members of the BAATH RULING PARTY, and a very OLD IMPORTANT member of them is ABDUCTED and disappeared with other Citizens.

Sultan Basha Al Attrush, was the Hero of Syria’s Independence, is it possible that the DRUZE in Syria reduce that Heroic Legacy Battle of Independence to HUMILATION, that is NOT the CHARACTERS and Honor, of DRUZE. They should REVOLT for their Honor and DIGNITY and join the Syrian PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION, to put an END to the WHORING behaviors of the Regime in Syria.

Druze of Syria, are dying one thousand times a DAY instead the DIE ONCE and for GOOD.

Officials in Lebanon, have NO BALLS, as MEN should have. They are NO MEN as the Dictator in Syria, described them once before, and it looks that, (ALWAHSH), was RIGHT.


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