Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Palestine,1910, Celebrations…

It is not a USUAL DAY, on the Palestinian Lands, while receiving a Thousand persons released from the Enemy’s Prisons and Detentions. A thousand FAMILIES, are CELEBRATING, by seeing their LOVED ONES coming HOME.

On the other side of the BORDERS, the ENEMY also, is CELEBRATING,  the return, one of the Young Soldiers, had been a prisoner in GAZA for three years. It is very USUAL that, both have the same GOAL of receiving the LOVED ONES, by closing a HISTORIC DEAL.

But if we look at this INCIDENT in particular, we come up of CLEAR RESULT, that ONE Person of the ENEMY, had the VALUE of ONE THOUSAND Persons of Palestinians. It is a Huge value that, the Enemy had to PAY to save a LIFE of ONE ISRAELI PERSON. We can not imagine how much is the VALUE of HUMAN BEING to the Palestinian’s Enemy. If this INCIDENT had been REVERSED, would be the VALUE of a Palestinian, equal to a THOUSAND of their ENEMY. Someone would come up and says. Sure it is. If it is so, why the Palestinian Factions are fighting each other, and kill their own people, by HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS, because they are DIVIDED, for NO REASON but, but to ACHIEVE POWER on each others, and put their CAUSE buried with the DEAD BODIES they killed from their FACTIONS. It looks like, that, the VALUE of their CITIZENS are VALUED because it is a MATTER with the Enemy only, and it is CHEAP otherwise.

It is not the first time, the ENEMY proves, that its CITIZENS are very DEAR and EXPENSIVE. The Enemy closed a DEAL as well with Hezbollah, and EXCHANGED three Israeli DEAD BODIES for over FIVE HUNDREDS of Lebanese Prisoners. On the Lebanese side was CHEAPER DEAL for the ENEMY.

Actually, it is not only, in Palestine, they kill their own people for POWER, and DISGUSTED SELFISHNESS. They do in other so called Arab Countries. The Regimes of those Countries had killed thousands of their OWN people to keep POWER, in their HANDS, because they INHERITED it, from their Dictator FATHERS, or have been in it for at least FOUR DECADES.

The Citizens of these Arab Countries were so CHEAP, ONE MUKHBARAT, can KILL, Hundreds of his own people alone, with COLD BLOOD, by a CAR BOMB. A Soldier of those Regime could kill Hundreds of his OWN people just, by receiving an ORDER of his COMMANDER, and go HOME by the END of the DAY to RELAX.

That’s what had happened , in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain Iraq, and in SYRIA in SPECIFIC. The Dictator of Yemen, had ordered to kill Hundreds of the Citizens of his OWN people, just to keep the POWER, and the SUM of the DEAD, is three time, the ENEMY paid to the Palestinians for an EXCHANGE of ONE SINGLE IRAELI CITIZEN.

That’s what had happened, in Libya, TEN THOUSANDS were killed because the Dictator, wanted to stay in POWER, and that is TEN TIMES, the Enemy paid in GAZA’S DEAL for one SIGLE PERSON.

That’s what is happening in Syria, the Dictator gave his ORDERS to CRUSH the Demonstrators who are, demanding FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS, and killed so far over FOUR THOUSANDS CITIZENS of his OWN people just to stay in POWER, and His Inherited Syria from His FATHER, to be MAINTAINED. That is FIVE TIMES, the ENEMY paid to close a DEAL for ONE SINGLE ISRAELI CITIZENS.


I wonder when, we would FEEL, that every ONE THOUSAND of the ENEMY‘S, is EQUAL to ONE SIGLE CITIZEN of SO CALLED ARABS.


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