Thursday, 29 September 2011

Syria 2909, It Is SELF DEFENSE…..

Over SIX MONTHS, the people of Syria Battling with the Tyrant Regime, demanding their FREEDOM, DIGNITY and Transition to Democratic System for their Country.

The Head of the Tyrant Regime in his first Speech, took many procedures for REFORMS as he claimed, and that was five months ago, but nothing was put in force, to convince  the people of Syria, that, this President is ABLE or Serious to make reforms to this NASTY FIFTY YEARS REGIME.

The International Community, gave this President, more than enough time was given to any Dictator, to put things RIGHT. He took all the Warnings and Good Wills, LIGHTLY, and acted as, NO ONE has the Right to interfere in Syria’s Affairs. He gave a DEAF EAR, to the International Community, and other Arab Leader’s Shouts, to respond to the Syrian people Demands, and  make a serious Reforming Steps to the Nastiest Regime in the World.

The Syrian people, in every City and Town, are under SLAUGHTERS, and Cleansing Methods, taking place. The Regime, set free to its Criminals, the Security Forces and Mukhabarat, to attack the Protesters, shooting at them Indiscriminately, arresting them, pack them in VANS, and taking them to the TORTURE Cells Underground some where under the prisons, away from the Media or any kind of Information, if they were DEAD or ALIVE.

Lately, the people of Syria, demanded, the PROTECTION of the International Community, to force the Regime’s Wolves, to stop killing the Bare Chests, and Peaceful Protesters, but in vane, and there would not be any kind of Military Interference, in Syria. The West and the Arab League Council, acted with STUPIDITY, and NAIVE, with this Situation.

Well, we ask the Democratic Countries Officials, and the Moderate Arab Leaders. How can a PEACEFUL Revolution, achieve its GOALS, and its People, FACING, the DEADLIEST KILLING MACHINES in the WORLD. A Regime had NO limits, of killings, Tortures, Kidnaps , and thousands MISSING. The Regime is using its Air Force Jets, to Bombard, the Defected Soldiers and Officers, from its Armed Forces. 4000, killed, over 20000 Detained in Dark Cells, over 10000, wounded, and can not be taken to hospitals of the FEAR to be Assassinated on their Hospital’s Beds, and  12000 still Missing, and sure, they would be found in MASS GRAVES as before.

Yesterday, the Defected Free Officers, and the Liberal Soldiers Groups, were emerged together, to form A HIT SQUAD, that chase the Wolves Criminals of the Regime, and shoot them down, when they attack the Peaceful Protesters. It is LEGAL and SELFDEFENSE, there should be a Force against the Murderers of ASSAD, to Protect the Civilians, because such Demands were DENIED by the International Community and Stupid Arab League Council.

This Hit Squad, should be very SPECIFIC and SELECTIVE TARGETS OPERATIONS, against the Enemy of the Syrian People and we mean here the Security Forces, Mukhabarat and Shabbiha of the Regime.

Some of the Oppositions, disagree with this STANCE, and there should not be  Armed fights by the people, it is Wrong to say so. The Armed Hit Squad, is Defected Military Officers and Soldiers and has nothing to do with the Protesters, who had been Butchered for the last six months. It is not ACCEPTABLE anymore, that the Protesters, would be GUNNED DOWN on the streets like CHICKENS and SHEEP, without MERCY by the Regime, without PROTECTION.

IT IS THE RIGHT DECISION TO PROTECT THE SYRIAN PEOPLE. This move makes a HAVEN to those, are hesitating from defecting the Armed Forces and Security , to have a SHELTER with the other Defected Officers and Soldiers.


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