Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lebanon 1910, What the President KNOWS we DO NOT…

In his speech, the President of Lebanon, indicated to TWO Matters, which should be ESSENTIALS to every Honest politician in this Country.

The President said: The Politicians should KEEP AWAY THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS, while working on the PUBPLIC INTERESTS. Also, they should keep away their Personal Businesses and do not MIX with the Economy of the Country. A President, to say such things, in an Important Occasions, and PUBLICLY, is very SERIOUS. It seems that, the Politicians in this Country, Open Personal Super, and Mini Markets, and  RUNNING their Businesses, on the Expense of the Lebanese People’s National Interests, and ECONOMY.

The Lebanese people during the General Elections, would hear the Programs, and Projects, of the Contenders, Promising BETTER LIFE, and would serve the Country and the People with Honesty, and would do their BEST to make the Public Interests Maintained for the Benefit of the Lebanese People.

But in the President’s Speech, we found out that, those Members of the Parliament, and the Members of the Cabinet, have BETRAYED the Lebanese VOTERS, and wiped out all the Promises during the General Election, and worked only for their Interests by Opening Super, and Mini Markets within the State of Lebanon.

A Minister would do the DEALS PRIVATELY, with Companies without Tendering, and away from the Government, or Parliament Supervision, to maintain his Commission Shares, so he could make Wealth to Bribe the VOTERS in NEXT GENERAL ELECTIONS in his FAVOUR. This State of Lebanon, had turned to be ALI BABA and THE FORTY THIEVES, but in our CASE, there are THOUSANDS of THIEVES. The Country is OPEN to all kind of Bargaining, DEALS,  by the Officials, by taking ADVANTAGES of their Authority and Immunity being Members of the Lebanese Parliament, or Ministers, in a NEIGHBOURING COUNTRY’S Government.

The National Security of Lebanon is OPEN to the Collaborators with the ENEMY, they are KNOWN to the Authorities, and it is NOT doing anything at all, to bring them to JUSTICE, because there are POWERFUL ARMED GANGS protecting them. The Authorities chased only those had NO ONE to ask , if they are REALLY GUILTY of COLLABORATING with the ENEMY or they can DEFEND themselves. They had NO protection.

Is this why, the Lebanese keep on DIVIDED, for the BENEFIT of those DISTRUSTED OFFICIALS, who are using the Lebanese as SHEEP, FEED THEM and SLAIN THEM when NEEDED.

Most of people in the World, realized, the DECEIPT of those LEADERS and OFFICIALS, and they REVOLTED against them. Would the Lebanese in a FREE and DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, people with the most WONDEFUL SKILLS that, they worked around the World, would REVOLT, against their DISHONEST, BETRAYALS, MANAGER of SUPER and MINI MARKETS, Selling the COUNTRY’S NATIONAL SECURITY to the DEVILS, and we call them Prominent LEADERS.



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