Monday, 10 October 2011

Syria 1010, The GIANT OCTOPUS….

We witnessed so many Dictator’s Regime around the World, In South Americas, Europe and Asia. But we have never seen or read about such regimes like the ONE in DAMASCUS. The Regime that had built, so many ARMS, that, reached many country in the Middle East.

This Regime caused, a Massive troubles in Iraq, and witnessed the CAR BOMBINGS, that swept, thousands of INOCENT people on the streets of the Big Cities, of Iraq. This Regime used Muslims against Muslims, so the river of Tigris coloured with RED. This regime exported the Stupid Fundamentalists, paid fighters and Mercenaries, just to blow up the most popular places in Baghdad, and kill their Brothers Muslims, just to have a role in running the Country, and use it as a playing CARD against the Americans, to boost  its Political Relations with them, and the more that relation, getting  troubled, the more the Situation getting worse in Iraq.

This Regime sent its Pilots to fly the Libyan Jet Fighter to BOMB, the CIVILIANS, that was protesting for the change in Libya, until the NO FLY ZONE was FORCED, by the United Nations Resolution.

 This regime, occupied Lebanon for thirty years, and its GOALS were to keep the Lebanese divided all the time, under the reason of STOPPING the CIVIL WAR.
During those thirty years, this Regime’s Nasty Killing Machines, MUKHBARAT, made sure that, the CAR BOMBS, explodes in every corner in Lebanon, to sweep off thousands of Lebanese Innocent people, for NO REASON, but to  keep the Country under its CONTROL. This Regime’s Officials Looted Lebanon, Economically, Dignity, Human Rights, and Political Environment. They LOOTED the people’s businesses, shops and Farms. Those Officials BLACKMAILED the Lebanese Banks to  trade with anything at all, ILLEGAL, Drugs, Arms, Forging and Washing Money, and Humans Trafficking, to make their WEALTH, as we have seen later, after they were FORCED to leave Lebanon.

This Regime supported, some so called Lebanese, Parties to keep their POWER over other Parties, to keep the CONFLICTED Politics among them, and when they left, they collected the ARMS from some Parties, and Left those LOYAL to this Regime fully armed, to sustain their Nasty Arms behind  clogged, to keep on INTERFERING with the Lebanese Political, and Economical Affairs, up to date.

The Regime interfered, in the Palestinian’s Affairs, and made sure, the Palestinian Body, was divided for over four decades, they support some Factions against the others, and many times , fighting broke between these Factions, and innocent Palestinians were killed. The Regime, was using the Palestinians and their CAUSE for the benefit of putting pressure on the International Community, to FORCE Israel return the Golan Heights, to Syria without bothering fighting for it.

Recently, when the Situation EXPLODED in Syria, and the WAKE of the people of Syria demanding FREEDOM, and HUMAN RIGHTS, the Regime, cracked down on the Protesters, and Civilians, by shooting them down, on the streets of Cities, Town, Villages, and Fields, sweeping over Four Thousands DEAD, Twenty Thousands ARRESTED and TORTURED, over Ten Thousands MISSING, and over Twenty Thousands were WOUNDED, and can not be treated in HOSPITALS, because the Security Secret Agents and Mukhabarat, of the Regime, are RAIDING the Hospitals and SHOOT down any one wounded on the Hospital’s beds.

This Regime, to give it self an EXCUSE, to shoot and kill the people down, is FABRICTING NEWS about the Lebanese, that helping and passing Guns to the Protesters in Syria, to fight the Regime’s Security Forces, who is REALLY COMMITTING the KILLINGS. This ACCUZATION, that the Syrian Regime’s CRIMINALS, to take ADVANTAGES and attack the Civilians on the other side of their Borders, the Lebanese Villages, and Farms killing Civilian people, and claim they are Armed Gangs shooting at the Syrian Security Force, and causing troubles in the Country.
Within ONE WEEK, the Regimes armed Forces BROKE IN and massed twice the Lebanese Borders, and ASSAULTED the Lebanese Civilians, by using , TANKS, MORTERS, heavy Machine Guns and SNIPHERS, caused the DEATHS, and INJURES of many. The Syrian Government in Lebanon did not make any PROTESTS for these INTRUSIONS, and CONSPIRING on helping to kill the Lebanese Citizens, by the Syrian Security Forces.
The Syrian Armed Forces assaulting the Lebanese on their SOIL. The Lebanese Armed Forces, did not make any MOVE to protect the Lebanese Civilians, or  returning FIRE. The Lebanese Diplomacy kept QUIET on both Incidents.
The Syrian Regime is killing its OWN people without Mercy, and by the END of the DAY, the people of Syria would come up with PLANS to protect themselves from the BRUTALITY of the Syrian Armed Forces and Security Forces.
Also, the Lebanese people would come up with PLANS to protect them selves, if the Lebanese Armed Forces do not REACT to protect them, from the ATTACKS of the Syrian Armed Forces.

The Lebanese are not protesting against the Criminals of the Syrian Regime, they CAN USE GUNS PROFESSIONALLY to keep their DIGNITY and Protect their LANDS and CITIZENS.


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