Monday, 24 October 2011

Lebanon2410, JUNBLATT, Would RESIGN or NOT…

The GENERAL ASSAMBLY of the PROGRASSIVE SOCIAL PARTY(PSP), is on 30th of October 2011.

Few days ago, one of the News Broadcast , mentioned on its digital News, that Junblatt would Resign on the above OCCAISION. Yesterday, the Information Circle of PSP denied that claim. It is obvious, some SPECULATIONS would come up in such CIRCUMSTANCIES of the Political Situation in Lebanon.

Junblatt, the EXPERT, and the DISTICTIVE Politician among the Lebanese Politicians and Prominent Leaders, was always, a very FAMOUS Politicians , who reads the UPS and DOWNS of the political EVENTS in the Country and around the Arabic and International World in ADVANCE.

After the Assassination of His GREAT and PHILOSIFER FATHER, KAMAL JUNBLATT, he lead  His people to the SAFE SHORE, in the DIRTIEST CIVIL WAR, that broke in Lebanon, with so many ENEMIES around him, even those supplied him with GUNS and MONEY, never trusted him, not because he is NOT the one to be TRUSTED, but because those had very DIFFERENT AGENDS, but they cooperated ONLY, they could ACHIEVE their NASTY GOALS at the MAN’S EXPENSE.

According to his people and His PARTY, he LEAD both, in a very ACCURATE CALCULATIONS, to the SAFE SIDE. He LEAD the Party in a very DIFFICULT PATHS of DANGER, His LIFE as well, and succeeded, though, from the CIRCUMSTANCES, that he had never worked with politics during His FATHER ERA, reached to the TOP and most INTELLIGENT Politicians in Lebanon.

The TROUBLES that HIT Lebanon, did not give him ENOUGH TIME to look at the NEEDS of the REFORMS of the PSP, and in other way, any kind of reforms, were postponed to a better Political Grounds. Though, there was a GOOD SPACE, that he should, between 2005 to 2011. We must ADMIT that, he did not do enough to PUSH FORWARD, some Members of the Party to the FRONT, and get them INVOLVED, in Political Battles, and have the ability, that can take Independent and BRAVE DISIONS, to reform or take the LEAD of the Party. They have been kept under his closest Supervisions, and NO ONE whatsoever, could have the MOVE without his PERMISSION. This kind of Member’s Relationship with the Leader of the Party, was not RIGHT, and there was LACK, of building the RIGHT Personalities, to be QUALIFIED to lead the PSP.

JUNBLATT, should NOT RESIGN, on PRESENT GROUDS, because there should not be any HOLLOW SPACE between the Resignation and the Reforms, that suppose to take place LONG TIME ago. This would put the PSP, in a difficult situation, while we have seen other Parties AHEAD of releasing the REFORMING MACHINES, for an advanced and MODERINIZED REFORMS towards  Democracy System.

JUNBLATT has the DUTIES to bring QUALIFIED Members of the PARTY, to LEAD, then, if its is his WISH to RESIGN, he would DO that, by taking the Party to the SAFE SHORE.

It is a very CRITICAL SITUATION, but he had passed WORSER Situations than that, and certainly he is the LEADER to do the JOB RIGHT.


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