Friday, 21 October 2011


Capturing the TYRANT of Libya, was NOT a surprise, because there was , speculations, after the ATTACK on SERT, GADDAFI‘S, main CITY of His CHILDHOOD, that he was hiding there with two of his SONS, MUAATASEM and SEIF, thinking that, his main City would support and protect them. But Unfortunately, the Miserable Ending took place in SERT.

Those Tyrants, have a COMMON one way TRAFFIC, of thinking, which is, that they use the Ultimatum Force and Butchering their OWN people, and they BOOST, that, still they have SUPPORTERS by millions, as it happened in TARABLUS, Libyan Capital, before the Tyrant FLED to SERT. But those RIPPERS, do not know that, the Millions they see into the streets, are people who are FEARED of these Tyrant’s DEADLY reactions, and when time has come they CERTAINLY, would change their minds and SUPPORT the REBELS, as what we see now, on the streets of TRIPOLI and SERT. These Tyrants do not want to understand, that when the people, and it is NOT necessary the WHOLE people of the Country, but the Majority, demands the CHANGE, they will ACHIEVE their GOALS with NO doubt.

More Rippers, on the SAME TRACK to HELL. Those killed their OWN people, Children, Women and Men, OLD and YOUNG, they have the same DESTINATION TO HELL, and a BULLET in the HEAD as GADDAFI‘S, or A ROPE round their NECKS, that would separate their HEADS off THEIR BODIES, or could be DRAGGED on the streets, where they committed their CRIMES against their people.

These Dictators Rippers, do not take LESSONS from those already left to HELL, because there some thing WRONG in their BRAINS. They think that, their people are JUST a HERD of COWS, a FARM of SHEEP, or PIGGS, or GROUPS of DONKEIES, 99.99% of the VOTERS, as they CLAIMED, to carry them from their HOME TOWNS to the PRESIDENCY PALACES, and they  are on their HORSES looking at the from ABOVE, they can BUTCHER them any time needed for LUNCH, or Business, selling them at the MARKET, and make WEALTH, and get RICH, as all of the TYRANTS, that packed their MONEY in FOREIGN BANKS, by BILLIONS, and their OWN people, trying to find something to FEED their FAMILLIES around the CLOCK.

In Libya, the REBELS used FORCE to get rid of the TYRANT, but in Syria and Yemen, NOT YET. The Syrian FREE people would get rid of the TYRANT by STANDING FIRM with BARE CHESTS, to the END of the ROAD of FREEDOM and DEMOCRAY. The TYRANT in DAMASCUS, is using Jet Fighters and Helicopters to RIP the people’s BODIES APART, which was NOT available to the DEAD TYRANT of Libya, the Regime in Syria, is taking ADVANTAGES, of its complicated Position in the Middle East, and this is ANOTHER WAY OF one way traffic THINKING. All the Factors that, the Syrian Regime thinks can not be used against it in Syria, would CHANGE to 360 degrees, and it is going to face them.

It is going to face Resolutions from the United Nations. It is going to face FORCE in different Ways used in Libya from the Super power Countries, and its DEFECTED HERO SOLDIERS. Its NEIGBOUR Countries, would TIGHTEN the ROPE, to DRAIN its RESOURCES, of GUNS and MONEY, and it would COLLAPSE and FALL HARDER, than any TYRANT’S REGIME in the AREA. Certainly, the ENDING would be quite different, from that of Libya, WORSE and FAR MISERABLE. Because this Regime used the MOST DEADLY METHODS to kill its OWN people, which were NOT used in any other Country in the World.

CONGRATULAIONS, to the Libyan people, they ACHIEVED their GOALS by their BLOOD, and have to be, to the BENEFIT for their UNITY, FREEDOM,  DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS.


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