Thursday, 13 October 2011

Lebanon 1310, They are BEATING on the BUSH…

The Lebanese people are, URGENTLY, needed the REFORMS of the ELECTORAL SYSTEM. Every group of the Lebanese Leaders is suggesting, to reform this System, the WAY, that suits this GROUP and its Interests to keep on LOOTING the Lebanese people’s FREEDOM and DIGNITY.

We came to a CONCLUSION, that those want to tailor the System, to their SIZES, to keep the Lebanese People’s LIFE STYLE, under their Mercy, and these Leaders keep on REVOLVING to the Parliamentary Committee. To make Lebanese people live Hypocrite way, SHARING their Country, Christians and Muslims, instead of coming up with Proposals really UNITE them, and Respect, each Other’s Opinions.

The First STEP, the Lebanese could be Represented in the Parliament, is that, the Law should RESTRICT, the SPENDING on the Election Campaigns. The way it works now,  those RICH, can only be NOMINATED. By limiting the SPENDING, those GOOD CONTENDERS, have the CHANCE to fight for their Election Battles. Spending without limit, would make those without money to SEEK their Winning SEATS, by STICKING to those with Money, to be able to spend for their Campaign.  By LIMITING, the amount of SPENDING will attract those QUALIFIED, to reach the Parliament and TRUELY REPRESENT the Lebanese people and RESPECT the PEOPLE’S RIGHTS.

The present Leaders of the Country are keeping the Lebanese people, divided, and make them take some kind of a HAVEN to those Leaders to MAINTAIN their Rights, and Services. Because those Leaders are serving the people through their OWN INTERESTS ONLY.

Lebanese people should be allowed to MIX, on all the Lebanese SOIL, without OBSTACLES, any Lebanese CITIZEN have the RIGHT to CHOOSE where to RESIDE, and grow up a FAMILY. Why these Confessional Factions are worried, if some of the Lebanese made the changes in their LIFE STYLE.

The Lebanese people are HUGELY MIXED, by MARRIAGES, but they have to FLY to a Foreign Country to have the RIGHT to LIVE TOGETHER, carrying all this HUMILATION, because they can not get married within their Country. There should be A CIVIL LAW, to maintain the Lebanese people‘s Rights, any Man has RIGHT, to marry any Woman , wherever or whatever, or the other WAY.

We know, that a LAW like this, would make the Lebanese Leaders knees SHAKE VIGOROUSLY, because most of them, who calling for Ending of TRIBE’S SYSTEM, but SECRETLY, they reject it, to keep their POWERS on people SUSTAINED.

When the Lebanese are given the RIGHT CIVIL LAW, by then, you will see how the NEW GENERATIONS would break down, the RELIGIOUS DIVISION so FAST, and people of Lebanon would be UNITED and LIVE together a DECENT LIFE.

Does not matter what the Lebanese LAW MAKERS come up with, it will be FAR SHORT to the Lebanese people’s DEMANDS, for CHANGE, to suit the Lebanese LIFE STYLE.

Make the WAY WIDE OPEN, to FREEDOM and DEMOCRAY, and all your RUTTEN LAWS would be thrown into the HISTORY’S BINS.


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