Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mediadiv is a Criminal too… 0610


USSR, was driven out of Eastern Europe, and the people, liberated those Countries, from the Dictators, and their Regimes,  that were strongly supported and strengthened, by USSR,. The people of Russia, liberated their Country from the Worst regime, that ruled for over five decades. The USSR supported those Dictators, in Europe and International World, and Arabs in specific, to strengthen their Economy, and find Market for their STUFF. They sold cheap GUNS, TANKS, and JET FIGHTERS, to those regimes, just to form an Eastern BLOCK, to face the West.

While, the Regime of the COMMUNISTS in Russia, had almost DEAD, those regimes around the World, like Cuba, Venezuela, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria, continued on the STEPS of that Russian Communist DEAD Regime, on the same way of , Repressing, Depressing, and Crushing their people Dignity and Human Rights, to keep them under the  Minimum levels of Civilization, so that these Dictators, would work as BROKERS to USSR,  to stay in POWER for over FIVE decades.

The Officials of the Worst regime in the world, the Communists in USSR, were not MAFIA, as this present Liberated System in Russia. They replaced the Old Communist Party’s regime, by MAFIA, Dirtiest Modern Regime, with Medaidiv as the HEAD of this Mafia. He is looting the Russian people their LIVES, under the Hippocrates Reforms. Russia is the HAVEN for MAFIAS and OUTLAWS. This Russian Government is a Saboteur at the United Nations,Taking Old Italy’s Place.

The Regimes that had been supported by, the Communists, are still supported by the Modern Russian Regime for the same reasons ECONOMY. They still had been supported by the Russian despite, their CRIMINAL ACTS, against their own people. As it happens in Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Qaddafi, Saleh and Assad, are slaughtering their own people, using the Russian killing Machines.

The whole International Community, and the Security Council of the United Nations, are condemning the Massacres that, taking place in Syria, and Yemen, and Specially in Syria, and the Security Council is coming up with a Resolution  against the President of Syria, the MURDERER of CHILDREN, and PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATORS who are demanding their FREEDOM, and HUMAN RIGHTS, thousands  had been shot on the streets of all Syrian Cities, Towns , Villages and even FIELDS where the people are trying to run away from the Security Forces BRUTALITY, that are chasing them. All these CRIMES, and the HEAD of MAFIA, and the Dirty Regime in Russia, has used the Right of VETO, when the Members of the Security Council,  VOTED yesterday, to put this Condemning Resolution in Force against the Criminals and BUTCHERS of the Syrian Regime‘s Officials.

If the Regime in Syria is in debt to the Russian MAFIA Government, Assad should pay those debts, from his OWN ACCOUNT of the Money that, had been  LOOTED from Lebanon for thirty years, and SUCKED BLOOD of the Syrian people.

The OPPOSITIONS should not attend any kind of MEETINGS, with the Russian Officials. They should stand by their Dignity and Honour, and BOYCOTT the meetings with the Regime that, support the Criminal Gangs of DAMASCUS. When the Syrian People LIBERATES their Country from the Pro Russian Regime, and they will do soon, despite Mr AOUN’S the CLOWN WISH, they should kick out the Russian Officials ASSES off Syrian SOIL, and treat their Diplomacy, as the PROTECTORS of the Criminals, and hold them ACCOUNTABLE, for the CRIMES, this Regime is COMMITTING. By this ACT of the Russian Diplomacy, in the UN Security Council, are prolonging the Syrian Regime’s time from COLLAPSING, and pushing FAST, the Civil War in Syria. By the END of the DAY, the Syrian people should find a WAY to PROTECT their Peaceful Revolution, from the Russian Killing Machines used by the Syrian Regime’s Butcher Gangs. The ACT of Russia and China, would cause more killings and BLOODSHED, on the EXPENSE of the Syrian Children, Women, Men, and defected Soldier’s HEROES.

What the people of Russia would say if, the people of the Arab REVOLUTIONS, SUPPORT the TERRORISTS, that are bombing in Moscow, and kill them in dozens.

Locally, the Lebanese Diplomacy at the United Nations, and Security Council, declared, that, would not STAND with any kind of Resolution against Syria, this way to DECEIVE the International Community, because the Resolution suppose to be in the Syrian People FAVOR, so they STAND with the Syrian Regime against the Syrian People. That gives the Regime another Blood Injection as the Russian Officials do.

In Lebanon, one of the Syrian Regime’s Warriors, Ambassador of Syria, threatened Jumblat, one of the Lebanese Prominent Leaders, by warning, Junblat has to think TWICE, before, makes a Mistake with the Syrian Regime. The Regime, certainly put Junblat in the DANGER ZONE. Junblat had thought millions of TIMES within the last thirty years, while the Syrian Regime’s TROOPS were Occupying Lebanon. The Regime’s Mukhabarats, ASSASSINATED the most Democratic Prominent Lebanese Leader in year 1976, because he did not think TWICE, before criticizing the Syrian Regime of Assad the Father. It happened, the ASSASSINATED LEADER was Walid Junblat’s FATHER.
We STRONGLY, believe the Ambassador of the Criminal Regime in Syria COMMENTS, and Junblat should think a million times again before criticizing the Regime, because this Regime has the MOST ADVANCED WAYS and MEANS, of killing Machines, operated by the NASTIEST Mukhbarat in the Universe.

Junblat the Father had clashed with the Syrian Troops, when they entered Lebanon, thirty five years ago, and after that was the Assassination. Junblat the Son , forgave  and forgot, what the Regime in Syria, had done to his FATHER, the HEAD of all the Democratic Liberals of Lebanon, but SURE the Regime never forgot, and never had been on good terms with, Junblat the Son, only times against common enemies, and that’s why, these relations shakes off hard, as soon as Junblat criticize the Criminal acts of the Regime, and these relations go back to SQUARE ONE. (The Killing List).

What would be the REACTIONS of Junblat’s Tribes, THE DRUZE, in Golan Heights, and HOURAN in Syria, if the Regime DID the killing. Are they going to join the Syrian People’s Revolution, or keep QUIET as they did when Junblat the FATHER was ASSASSINATED BY the same OFFICIALS of this REGIME.

It is matter of time.


تركيا مصممة على فرض عقوباتها الخاصة
رأت دمشق بلسان مستشارة الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد بثينة شعبان أمس ان الامم المتحدة شهدت "يوما تاريخيا" مع استخدام موسكو وبيجينغ حق النقض "الفيتو" لوقف مشروع قرار في مجلس الامن يندد بسوريا، متهمة الدول الغربية بتشجيع "العصابات المسلحة في شكل غير مباشر" على اشعال حرب طائفية في البلاد. وفي المقابل ، نددت الدول الغربية بـ "الفيتو" الروسي والصيني قائلة إنه "يوم حزين لسوريا ويوم حزين لمجلس الامن".
 وصرحت بثينة شعبان بأن المجلس الوطني السوري الذي يضم قسما كبيرا من اطياف المعارضة، يتألف في غالبيته من "الاخوان المسلمين" ومن اشخاص "لا يفقهون شيئا" عن الوضع السوري. ووجهت انتقادا شديدا الى الدول الغربية التي "من خلال ارادتها فرض عقوبات على سوريا وتقديمها قرارا يعاقب سوريا ويقترح تدخلا عسكريا، انما تساعد في شكل غير مباشر العصابات المسلحة على مواصلة حربها علينا". واكدت ان "المسيحيين ليسوا وحدهم المستهدفين في سوريا بل جميع العلمانيين ومن يؤمنون بالتعايش بين الاديان". ودعت "اصدقاءنا الاتراك، لان تركيا جارتنا وصديقتنا، الى اعادة النظر في موقفهم غير المستند الى وقائع"، مشددة على ان "عملية الاصلاح مستمرة ولكن ينبغي اعطاؤنا وقتا".
 وكان رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيب اردوغان كرر ان تركيا ستفرض "مجموعتها الخاصة من العقوبات" على سوريا، على رغم فشل اصدار قرار في مجلس الامن يندد بالنظام السوري.

■ في واشنطن، صرحت الناطقة باسم وزارة الخارجية الاميركية فيكتوريا نولاند بأن "الولايات المتحدة ستواصل العمل مع اكبر عدد من الدول لزيادة الضغط على النظام السوري... ان عدد الدول المستعدة لتضييق الخناق على النظام يزداد وسيزداد. سنعمل معها".
واضافت ردا على الفيتو الروسي والصيني ضد مشروع قرار يندد بقمع النظام السوري التظاهرات المناهضة له: "نعتقد بحزم ان التاريخ سيؤكد من كان على حق، ومن اتخذ الموقف غير الملائم خلال هذا التصويت".
وتوقفت نولاند، على غرار المندوبة الاميركية لدى الامم المتحدة السفيرة سوزان رايس، عند "خيبة الامل والغضب الكبيرين" من الموقفين الروسي والصيني، قائلة: "بعدما وقفت يوما تلو الآخر ضد الاهانات والرصاص والتعذيب والاعتقالات، تم التخلي في هذا التصويت عن المعارضة السورية الشجاعة والسلمية في شكل واسع".

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