Saturday, 15 October 2011

Lebanon 1510, Warriors of Free Tayyar….

A so called Representative of Lebanese in the Parliament, appeared on the Orange TV, in a long  interview, to SPILL out his Hatred COMMENTS. It seems his BLOOD Colour, is BLACKER than his NAME, Mr ASSWAD.(BLACK).

Every one knows that, if it is not the DEAL by Mr Berri, this MAN would NOT be in the Lebanese Parliament. He spilled his poison to many Lebanese Prominent Leaders, and one of them, the Honest Representative of the Lebanese Mrs HARRIRI.

We do not know what Mrs Harriri has to do with this Man’s Garbage in Jazzin. But he suggested that, he would collect the Jazzin’s Waste Garbage, and dispose it to Mrs Harriri’s COURT YARD.

We suggest in return, to this GUY, that he should collect, the Waste Garbage of all the Areas, and pack it in TRUCKS, and take them to his BOSS’S Court Yard in Rabyeh. May be the SMELL of the Garbage would make the SMELL coming out from Rabyeh more MODERATE, so the Lebanese people can BEAR that SMELL, or if his BOSS did not allow him to do so, should take the TRUCKS to Mr BERRI’S COURT YARD, who brought him to Parliament, and contact the Health Minister, to help him packing these WASTES, in his stores.

This Man’s Leaders Party, STINCKS with the TERRIBLE SMELL of COLLEBORATING, with the ENEMY, STOLE MILLIONS OF PUBLIC MONEY and SHIPPED THEM TO FRENCH BANKS IN PARIS, and wants to TRASH the Prominent Leaders, with their SMELLY, STINCKY, and TREACHERY Activities.
He stands against the Finance of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which is trying to PIN DOWN the Murderers, and calling it as Illegitimate, because the Resolution, did not pass through the Lebanese Parliament by that time. Mr Berri was closing down the HOUSE of the TRUE LEBANESE REPRESENTATIVES, and put the KEYS in his POCKETS. This MAN has to use the WASHING UP LIQUID, BRAND THREE IN ONE, to wash his MOUTH, before he has to say anything BAD about the Honest Lebanese. Next General Election, this MAN would see the SEAT in the Parliament, ONLY in his DREAMS.


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