Tuesday, 1 November 2011

If you stop me BUTCHERING my OWN people…..

In his TV interview, the Dictator of Syria said: if the International Community INTERFERES in the Regime’s AFFAIRS, he will blow up the WHOLE REGIONS with DISASTROUS WARS.

In History, we have not heard or saw, a President of a country, KILLING his OWN PEOPLE with all sort of DEATH Machines, and threatening the World with Regional Destructions, if the United Nations, or any world POWER try to STOP HIM MURDERING HIS OWN PEOPLE, CHILDREN, WOMEN, Old MEN, and the YOUNGS, because they are demanding FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS.

This Young President with AMBITIONS to reform his Country, as the West and East, used to call HIM, is nothing, but a MURDERER, that the History never brought to LIFE before.

Syrian population is at least 20 Millions, and we witness at least 10 Millions are protesting and demonstrating the streets of its Cities, Towns and Villages for over seven months without yielding down, or BACK OFF, but getting STRONGER and STRONGER every day of the WEEK. Chanting, Shouting, and Screaming to bring the Criminal’s Regime DOWN, and that Dictator, still CLANCHING to POWER, witnessing the DEATH of FIVE thousands, Fifteen thousands WOUNDED, and some of them murdered on the hospital’s beds, over twelve thousands MISSING, probably are murdered by NOW, and twenty thousands PACKED in the DARK FILTHY CELL of the Regime, TORTURED, and some of them were DEAD.

This President is over powered by the SUPPORTERS, in Damascus and Latkieh, (City on the West Coast of Syria), calling for his STAY in charge, those, were not Half a Million. Every one knows in the world, that those SUPPORTERS are either EMPLOYED to the Regime, as MUKHABARAT, or Security Forces, or any kind of BENEFITS, like BRIBES, or had been threatened to LOSE their jobs and their FAMILIES, had been threatened for bad consequences, if they do not go into the streets for the President’s SUPPORT.

The Half Million of the SUPPORTERS are allowed to demonstrate with the PROTECTION of the Security Forces, because they support the President, and TEN MILLIONS are not allowed into the streets, and the Security Forces with the SHABBIHA shooting at them, and kill at least 20 to 30 demonstrators on the streets every day, for the last SEVEN months, and we have not witnessed any one killed from the SUPPORTERS of the Regime by the ARMED GANGS as the Regime’s Broadcast claimed. This is very CLEAR, that, the ARMED GANGS are the Security Forces and the SHABBIHAS of the Regime.

Threatening the United Nations, to Destroy the Middle East with Disastrous War, means he depends, on the Regional Power to Join him or get involved for their INTERESTS REASONS, like Hezbollah, Iran and Hamas. But it must be MISCALCULATED, by the Dictator. Hezbollah would not start, a WAR, all the Lebanese against it, in that case Hezbollah has to declare war on the Lebanese as well. Iran had been SERIOUSLY challenged in 2008 war against the Palestinian Faction HAMAS, and did not make a SINGLE MOVE to ease the pressure on them. The Super Powers are waiting for Iran to make a FALSE MOVE, so that they have the REASONS to wipe out its Nuclear Arsenals. Also Hamas would not enter a FIGHT, while the Palestinians are trying all Ways and Means to achieve UNITY, for their PROSPECTED STATE with ITS BORDERS 1967 CEASE FIRE RESOLUTION by the United Nations.
So the Dictator would be left ALL ALONE facing the MUSIC, with his OWN people trying to break HELL on His HEAD in DAMASCUS.

This is the SECOND time, he came up of those Disastrous Threats. Once he threatened the Lebanese, and the Results, FORCED him to leave Lebanon with the MOST HUMILIATING WAY to His Troops, for GOOD. Now he is threatening the United Nations, and the RESULTS would be His ENDING as the DIRTIEST ENDING of a DICTATOR, by His OWN people.

Saddam Hussein, had ENDED with the TIGHT ROPE round his NECK, Qaddaffi, has ENDED UP by QUICK DEATH, with a BULLET through HIS HEAD, SALEH, with a BOMB under his prayer CARPET, that we know. But we do not know the WAY this DICTATOR of Syria how to END UP.



 Demonstrators demanding Bashar's step down

 He is not wanted and should GO

 His Supporters in Damascus

 Deraa after the CRUSH of the peaceful Protesters

 That what the people want in Hums

 Burying the Death by the Regime's Gangs

 Ten Millions protesting in Syria to TOPPLE the Corrupted Regime

 Why the Murderers of the people are not caught yet..

 Hezbollah Guns in Syria under the Regime's protection.

Unity of the Revolution

Bashar's killing machines on the streets

This is the way Bashar would leave the Power.

Syrians set out to draft new constitution amid clashes

By the CNN Wire Staff
October 30, 2011 -- Updated 1230 GMT (2030 HKT)

Syrian Protesters

(CNN) -- Syrians aiming to write a new constitution for the strife-torn country will meet for the first time on Monday, the state news agency reported Sunday, after a weekend of intense violence.
President Bashar al-Assad earlier this month announced the formation of a committee to draft a new constitution within four months, the Syrian Arab News Agency reported at the time.
The October 15 announcement was one of several moves the government has made to defuse protests, but they have not calmed the situation in the country.
Government forces killed six people they described as terrorists Saturday, and arrested 20, the SANA reported Sunday.
SANA said four members of the security forces had been killed in the clashes.
Opposition activists, meanwhile, said at least 21 people were killed, including at least 11 who died when Syrian forces pounded the western city of Homs with tanks, sustaining fire with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.
Four people were killed in Hama and one each in Hasaka, Daraa, Idlib, Keseh, Zabadany and Deir Ezzor, according to the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) of Syria, an opposition group that organizes and documents protests in Syria.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported at least 10 civilian deaths in Homs on Saturday.
The fierce fighting has been ongoing between armed military defectors and loyalist forces, said Rami Abdel Rahman, president of the London-based group.
More than 3,000 people have died since unrest broke out in Syria in mid-March, according to the United Nations.
CNN cannot independently confirm individual accounts of violence because Syria's government restricts the activity of journalists.
Also Saturday, the Sunday Telegraph published an interview with embattled President al-Assad, which it said was his first with a Western journalist since the start of the uprising seven months ago.
In it, the president warns Western countries not to intervene in his country.
"Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake. ... Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?
"Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region. If the plan is to divide Syria, that is to divide the whole region," said al-Assad, the British newspaper reported.
While he admitted "many mistakes" had been made, the president also defended his security forces.
"We have very few police, only the army, who are trained to take on al-Qaeda," al-Assad told the Sunday Telegraph. "If you sent in your army to the streets, the same thing would happen. Now, we are only fighting terrorists. That's why the fighting is becoming much less."
Saturday's clashes erupted after Friday's massive demonstration in Hama where Syrians demanded an end to al-Assad's rule and called for his prosecution.
Demonstrators also called on the United Nations to impose a no-fly zone, naval blockade and other measures to protect Syrian protesters.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned Friday's killings. He said the deaths of more than 3,000 people killed since the start of the Syrian uprising amounts to an "alarming" toll.
Ban appealed for an end to military operations against civilians.

Harmoush Disappearance.

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