Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 Is the President of Syria going to make the same BIG Mistake Gaddafi of Libya DID, using his TOP GUNS, the jet fighters against his own people. Is Assad trying to pursue, the International Community, to interfere Military in this Revolt in Syria, to give him a GOOD Reason to use his Sophisticated Weapons against his OWN people.
The Dictator knows very well, that his falling down, and nothing would save him, to be held ACCOUNTABLE, by the people of Syria for the CRIMES he and his CRIMINAL Security Forces, Shabbiha, and Mukhabarat have been committed. He is falling HARD and he is going to HIT HARD before seeing the DEADLY END, (May be is watching the VIDEO FOOTAGE of SADDAM‘S Execution, but we are sure his ending would be worse than that). Recently, he is used, his fighter jets, which never been used  to CROSS the ENEMY’S SKIES, flying over Hums and Hamah to TERRORIZE the people, who are protesting on the streets, demanding Freedom, Human Rights, and Democracy……and CHANTING, EXECUTION TO THE PRESIDENT, for his crimes against the people.

The FOUR Countries that, were on his side, and made an Umbrella, for his protection, to keep him LIVE and KICKING, are keeping him at a BAY. His Lebanese and Loyal Government, is keeping DEAD SILENT, and started to WHISPER at his back, why the delay of the Reforms he promised, and nothing serious yet, though, the Revolt started six months ago, and his first Promising Speech, and the reforms he declared were five months ago. Iran the solid Ally, used to be, is talking about the Reforms as well, and criticizing the delay. Russia, wants HIM, to stop the KILLING MACHINE on the streets of the Syrian Cities and Towns, IMMEDIATELY, and start the Promised Reforms Immediately. Israel, is not counting on this Regime any more, because, Assad is not the FAVOR ATE Partner to sign a PEACE TREATY. Israel kept a WARM HAND SHAKE, with the Regime for the last thirty eight years, but now it is not working any more. The Enemy is looking for something quiet different from the PAST.


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