Friday, 23 September 2011

Syria 2309, The Children's Armed Gangs…

 Within six months, the Dictator’s  Armed Forces swept on 180 Armed Children, that the Regime claimed and described them as ARMED GANGS, terrorizing the Peaceful Citizens of Syria, who are not safe even in doors.

The killing is ONE CHILD a DAY. Those Children’ Gangs must be armed with the most sophisticated  Guns, that the Regime, forced to face them with its HEAVY killing Machines, TANKS, Helicopters, and lately Flying its Warring Jets, over their Heads, that , to warn them, to be  used if necessary.

A Regime, with Leaders of NO HONOR, DIGNITY or HUMANITY CHARACTER. Leaders with families, of children and young people, they gave orders to shoot to kill other people’s Families, are not they, the NASTIEST, DIRTIEST,  the  MEANEST, and COWARDLY Murderers, that the WORLD never witnessed such events like those., in any country .

These Children Armed Gangs, must be thousands in numbers, because the Criminal Regime, still pulling out its killing machines out of its BUNKERS, on the FRONT with The Enemy, into the streets of the Cities, Towns, Villages, and Mosques, to confront these Gangs of Armed Children, to chase them and shoot them down, because they are terrorizing the Peaceful people of Syria.

Heavy Machine Guns, Tanks,  war planes, and thousands of Commandos,  that had been  Professionally trained, all those  were used to CRUSH, the people’s Freedom and Human Rights, and kill those people’s Children.

This Regime with Leaders like those, should be held ACCOUNTABLE for their Terrible Crimes, and should be brought to JUSTICE, that, the  LAW which protects Human Beings, should be APPLIED with NO hesitation.

Today, the Human Rights Organization, in the United Nation, Branded, the President of Syria, as THE BUTCHER OF HUMANITY. It is the first time in recent History, the United Nation, described a Country’s president with that,  kind of descriptions. Organizations, that are defending this President’s Own People, and NOT another Country’s people.

This president, treats his Country as a FARM of CHICKENS, or FARM of COWS, he culls them whenever he decides.  A reckless and  Criminal President like this, should be brought to Justice, and should suffer the same way, his people are suffering.



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