Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The OPPORTUNIST, Lebanon 1409


It only took two years to find out that, the Lebanese Prime Minister, used the FUTURE TAYYAR in 2009, General Election, as an Instrument, to win his SEAT at the Lebanese Parliament.

There was always a doubt about him, and the way he was going to run the Country. He is a very good,  Partner to the Head of the Syrian Regime, BUSINESS LIKE, they are Partners in Business, and  took them two years, to be LOYAL and works Closely to the Syrian Regime in Politics. Sure if he had not used, the Future Tayyar in Tripoli North, he would not be a PM right now. Sure he worked at the ADVICE of the Syrian Mukhabarat, and solely their STYLE in using people and their Power to achieve their Destructible Courses.  Sure the PM had his OWN Agendas as well, and used the Syrian Influence to achieve them. He wanted to be one of the MOST important SUNNI Prominent Leader, but on the Future Tayyar’s Ladder.

Now that WikiLeakes exposed the PM’s plans, could be a very hard Impact on this Man’s political Future, that is know now as The Opportunist.

He worked with the Syrian Regime’s Mukhabarat, and Future Tayyar to gain a Parliament Seat. He used Hezbollah and the Resistance to be a Prime Minister, and used  President’s Friendship and Junblat’s Bloc, to have a Medium Bloc that would help him have a certain Power, to pretend , he is not under the Influence of Hezbollah in the Government, to please the International  Community.

Personally, he is a very successful Business Man, and Respectful Personality, he has a World Wide Relationship with very Important Personnel’s  Businesses, but by the End of the DAY, it is BUSINESS LIKE, and that is, what this Government. LIE after LIE after LIE….


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