Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Syrian Regime’s Caves, 1409

The Syrian Regime’s Caves

The RED CROSS, granted permissions to visit Prisons in Syria, on pre  arranged appointments Basis.  It is the first time ever, a foreign Organization could have access to such places, which suppose to be the most essential and DARK places, that the  Dictator’s Regime keep away from the curiosity of the MEDIA. These places where are the worst Tortures, and beating prisoners to death. Is this Red Cross Organization , would find or discover the breaching of Humanity Rights Law, by these Pre arranged Visits, of what really the Security Forces are doing to the  Unlawful Detainees, where it is known, that, who goes in these Caves, is counted missing, and who comes out alive counted newly BORN. How the Red Cross would find about the missing in these short visits, where the Lebanese Governments could not find the Lebanese dead and the missing in the Syrian Regime’s Caves in two decades.

The Lebanese  Human Rights Organizations, had the LONG LISTS, by HUNDREDS of those, had been captured and  Unlawfully detained and kidnapped, by the Syrian Regime’s Mukhabarat, when they were occupying Lebanon. Long lists, with specific details of every Lebanese was missing, when and where. Lists handed to every  Lebanese Government, along over fifteen years, they could not reach anywhere, to have a single piece of information, that their parents, brothers, sons and relatives should know about those MISSING PEOPLE.

Though, those Officials in charge in Lebanon were the Syrian Dictator’s PUPPETS, along that period of time, they never tried to be FIRM and DECISIVE, to really chase this ISSUE, and put an END to these people’s MISERY and SADNESS.

Until this moment, the Syrian Regime, dragging that issue, though the present Government, is a Dictator’s full LOYALLY, and represents, the Dictator’s Agenda, without shame, DIGNITY, and HONOR, are not even asking  simple questions, where are our Lebanese MISSING PEOPLE, and what HAD HAPPENED to them.

Is this what  we call, Lebanese Independence, Freedom of Media, Morality, Dignity, and Honor. This Country was sold to the WORST CRIMINAL REGIME under the BLUE SKY, by those OFFICIALS described as the Lebanese Prominent Leaders, who claim they represent them. Those Leaders, say something on the OPEN, but they keep their HATRED and BAD INTENTIONS SECRETLY, to each others. LIES….LIES…. LIES.

To accept, this situation, the Lebanese people should be NAÏVE, or stripped off their Dignity, or this Government, really does REPRESENT THEM.


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