Friday, 23 September 2011

Lebanon 2309, Celebrations, Champagne.. and NO Electricity..

All Victorious, when the  clouds of WAR DUST,  of the Electricity Project have CLEARED.
Those, that, came up with the PROJECT, Tayyar Watani Hur, declared Victory, and Champagne was the  Main Guest, for Celebrations. Those, opposed the Project, 14 March Forces and  Middle Blocs, declared Victory for the Lebanese in general, that, they could CONTROL the spending Plans, for this Project, and reduced the Power of the  Minister, and put it  under the  Cabinet’s Supervisions. The WAR is over and all Victorious, we are glad.

 This Project took the Political Parties three months, to make it come to LIGHT. Does it mean the Lebanese would have  this Project to be put in FORCE, soon, and we have the BRIGHT LIGHT, instead the 15 Hours DARK during 24 Hours a DAY. Now, all Parties declared VICTORY, and have their Champagne sparkling, we want to see the Electricity Cables Sparking with Power.

Sure the Lebanese people, would not believe a word these Politicians are saying, because of the disappointments, that, they received before for other PROJECTS, that, had been  planned and agreed for many years, and we are giving few examples of those PROJECTS.

 The projects for building DAMS on some Rivers, to create lakes that would supply, enough quantities of Water to use for Agriculture, that are Essentials for the FARMERS, on most the Lebanese Soil, where, thousands of Hectares of Lands, would be dried, as soon as the Summer Seasons had started. Projects had been buried in the Ministerial Desk’s Draws, for decades, and many Governments came across, and the Ministers, turned Blind EYES, on these Projects.

Sure, our Representatives, at the Parliament, and the Cabinet, have MOUTHS to SWALLOW, and do
NOT have NOSES to SNIFF (Or may be they Sniff other Materials), and realize the DEADLY SMELL
on our Main High Ways, as on OZAAI, and Beirut High Ways  of the South Entrance of the  Most famous City in the Middle East and Europe,  we should cover our NOSES, and do not BREATHE for MILES, to avoid the STINKY SHITTY Smells, along the OZAAI Beach, where people should go, to have a Relaxing Walk and fresh air, after a long day work, with their Families. We would like to witness a similar WAR among the Parties, for a Project to CLEAN UP the SHIT of the High Ways at least.

What about the DRINKING WATER. Lebanon , has high numbers of Rivers, and Spring Resources for Drinking Water, all over its Soil. The Lebanese have drinking water, on Basis of Two Days ON, and three DAYS OFF, is that possible. Where is the Drinking Water going. Why the Lebanese have to spend most of their INCOMES just to BUY Drinking water filled in BOTTLES. These Companies of producing bottles, and filled them, with the Water ,that, suppose to go to the Lebanese people’s Homes directly, and NOT, into the PIPES of these Companies.

We can detail more, projects, that those, declared Victory yesterday, and celebrate, are LOSERS, because they always brought DISAPPOINTMENTS to the Lebanese, and we know, that if these Ministers, do not have their SHARES of this Project, it would not come to LIGHT.


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