Thursday, 8 September 2011

KARAM the Saint…Lebanon 0709

KARAM the Saint…Lebanon 0709

We understand that, Saints are the agents of God, and we WORSHIP THEM. But in Lebanon, they  have different descriptions, those who are accused of  killing the Previous Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Harriri, were called SAINTS, because they were very good fighters, and served the Resistance with Loyalty, and for many years. So we suppose to forgive and forget  their Crimes, even if, those crimes would put the Country in deep and serious CHAOS, so the Leadership of the Resistance would not give them up to JUSTICE.

Hezbollah, caught many of its good and Loyal Fighter, and within the Small Circle of the Command, working as Secret Agents to the ENEMY, and because they served the Resistance, for many years, we suppose to understand their Human Side Situation, and we should forget and forgive them, because they were SAINTS, and should not be handed to the Lebanese Authority, for FEAR of Mistreat the SAINTS.

By substitution, KARAM the HIGH RANK Commander used to be in the  Lebanese  Armed Force, and suppose to be Loyal to his Country, was detained and Sentenced to Two Years in Labour Prison, we suppose to understand his Human Situation and forget, even forgive him, because he should not be different from other SAINTS, that, KILL and work as Agents to the Enemy, and against their OWN County’s National Security, and the Nation’s Interests.

We have a serious question, to those, have the RIGHT, to Brand the Killers and the Collaborators, as SAINTS. Are they going to be FAIR, and call all the Collaborators, that, had been caught working to the Enemy, SAINTS, and give them just Stupid two years sentences in Prison, FORGET and FORGIVE THEM, to be branded SAINTS. Or SAINTS would be given ONLY, to those ASSAULT the Authorities and  have the POWER to protect them from the LAW, and Disgrace the people of Lebanon, and the Rest of the COLLABORATORS would go to prison for the REST of THEIR LIVES, or might be EXCUTED.

A general look at those, collaborators, certainly would find them, coming out from the 8 March Forces, Headed by Hozbullah, and they still calling, 14 March Forces as Agents to the Enemy, by sympathising with the Enemy during July War. While we have seen recently, one of the suppose to be the MAIN ALLY to Hezbollah, Mr Berri, in WIKILEAKS documents,  was giving the Enemy few more days, to make a Substantial gains on  the Resistance, and Hezbollah during the same WAR, before agreeing on Cease Fire, lead by Seniora Government.

Is there any kind of DIGNITY and HONOUR left, to those in CHARGE, serving this Country, and STOP helping and Encouraging the Enemy of breaking through our NATION.

Khalouda-democracy the way

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