Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Cowardly Murderer…Syria 0709

The Cowardly  Murderer…Syria 0709

Six months on the REVOLT, the Heroic Syria people are steady and firm on the WAY of MARTYRS, to achieve their GOALS of FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS, and DEMOCRACY, to put the Country under a CIVIL SYSTEM, and wipe out the Regime of BLOODSHED, and SUPPRESSION practicing on its own people, while, the Enemy occupying, part of the Syrian lands, and  we have not seen any  kind of BUTCHERING the Syrians, as it happened in most of the Large Cities and Towns, by the  Criminal Baath Ruling Party.

The Cowardly in this matter that, the Security Forces of Baath Regime, were and are SHOOTING without MERCY on the Bare Chest Protesters, who are demanding the MINIMUM of the Rights to live in a DECENT LIFE, and their HUMAN RIGHTS are protected, as the Geneva Treaty, was put in force for over Eight decades.

This Regime, by keeping the Syrian people under depression and suppression, is breaching the Essential Human Rights Law, by killing an UNARMED Civilians, just because they are on the streets,  it is act against Humanity, and those in charge should be ACCOUNTABLE to those acts, and should be brought to JUSTICE.

We see the International Human Rights Organizations, are doing their best to  support  and protect the Syrians. But we have not seen the Arabs doing anything to show their support to the Syrian, not even by protesting in the streets of any Arab Country. If those Arab Nations would not make a move and show, the support of the changes, should happen and bring the ARAB Nations to the LEVELS of Comfortable Way of Living and well being, who is going to support them, when the have the same difficult circumstances, and demand for their FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS.

The Dummies of the ARAB LEAGUE COUNCIL, who represents the ARAB NATIONS, was not welcomed in Damascus, what they are waiting for, are not they watching the  BLOOD STREAMS on the streets of the Syrian Cities, Towns and Villages, to take  ACTION. They claim it is an Internal Affair of Syria, it is so when it is PEACEFUL, but when two Hundred thousands, of Security Forces and  Principle Army are butchering their OWN PEOPLE, it is the Arab Nation’s Affairs, they have the DUTY to Protect their Brothers that were killed on the streets without MERCY.


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