Monday, 19 September 2011

Syria 1909Family with, Talents…

Talents are the skills that some Individual and Groups Explore, and perform before the Audience, like those in X FACTOR on the TVS, with Judges like Simon Colwell.

The TALENTS we are talking about here, are the SKILLS by Families Ruled their Country for many decades, and performed all kind of SKILLS, more ADVANCED, more PAINFUL, more PRACTICAL, and Extremely DEADLY, on the AUDIENCE, and we mean here their, OWN People.

As on X FACTOR, on TVS, these Members of this FAMILY, but here is live, and on the streets of the Cities, Towns, and Villages of Syria, and in continuous performance, and each episode, has a different and distinguished TALENTS. Some of these shows, contain 15 to 20 people BUTCHERED on the streets every day.

Members of this Family, have different Talents, those, who works, with the people’s LIVINGS, those who make SURE that the people cannot complain, or shout out their sufferings, and those, who make sure, have Wealth and Power, and the people should not even have a LITTLE, and those  truly be described as DRACULA GRID.

These  members of this Family, who work with the Economy of the Country, they make sure they Monopolize every productive company and factory, and RESOURCES, that, the MONEY flow into their ACCOUNTS, in the Local Banks, and then to the International Banks Abroad, they make sure that the Economy of the Country, should be suitable and Tailored, to their SIZES, and the people should get the BITS and Pieces on their Dining Tables. They make sure that, their people should not have any kind of Social Life or any kind of the Facilities that, make their Life easier. They are like Octopus, that have its arms growing longer and reach anywhere, for Hunting  its PREY.

Members of this Family, work on the People’s Silence. They have the TALENTS, of advanced Facilities to SPY, on their OWN people, and make SURE that, Spies are planted in  every House, and Public Place, so the MUKHABARAT, would know immediately, what happens in every corner of the Country. So, even if a husband and wife, tried to make LOVE, the Mukhabarat would know in advance. So, people can ONLY Whisper, and cannot speak to hear them.

The most important, MEMBERS of this Family, those who are in the GRID of DRACULA. They were put on that Grid, according to the BLOODY TALENTS. They perform their SKILLS, that, NO TYRANTS, or BUTCHERS, had ever performed on their OWN people that way. Those Members of this Family, were and are always, THIRST for BLOOD, the supplies of BLOOD should have  Continuous FLOW, to their brains.

What they performed of SKILLS and TALENTS on their people on the streets of the Cities, Towns, and Villages, the WAYS and MEANS, of chasing the Demonstrators who are demanding their Freedom, and a Democratic System for their Country, are chased by a Group of WILD HOUND DOGS, as in the games of Hunting Foxes in UK. They shoot the people to DEATH, and if some one was lucky and did not die immediately, they  kick him or her, hard until DEATH, Men, Women and Children, and if someone was lucky and taken to a Hospital, those Wild Hound Dogs of the Regime’s Family chase them and shoot them on the stretchers before they have entered the Hospitals. The Protesters that, get away of being SHOT, their homes would be raided later and arrested, for no reason, just being chanting for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY, and their HUMAN RIGHTS. This Ruling Family with LOTS of TALENTS, had harvested in six months, over three thousands Victims, were murdered on the streets, over twenty thousands arrested and TORTURED at the Regime’s DARK CELLS underground, and many died under torture, over ten thousands have been wounded, and  over eight thousands are still MISSING. We wonder if the Red Cross, had found any of  the REMAINS of the Victims yet.

We ask our RESPECTFUL Patriarch El Raiy, of Lebanon, how a Ruling family like this one, with all those DEADLY TALENTS, could protect the Minorities and be trusted, in Syria, what are the Guarantees, that the ready sharp Knives of this  Regime’s Family would not reach the Necks of the Minorities, if they, came to the streets, and demanded their Rights and Freedom. Sure, it is a REVOLUTION against the TYRANTS, and violence would take place, but  is not the Regime’s Family with all these Advanced Skills as Murdering Machines, shooting at the Peaceful, and Bare Chests people, because their SINS are demanding FREEDOM, and wanted their Human Rights, as Jesus Christ  taught us. Do we expect, a protection from these Murderers, and we should  die thousand times every day, under such Regime’s Brutality, and Roughness, and with all types of Methods of slaughters, to its OWN People. What the Patriarch said, with all our Respect, was not  ACCURATE, and he is appointing a SHEPHERD WOLF to his SHEEP.



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