Monday, 22 August 2011

Lebanon 2208. The UNTIE of the TIE..

The time is running, certainly it is not in the Favour of the Criminal Regime in Damascus. Though the Murderers , the Security Forces, were attacking the Cities and Towns of Syria by TURN, destroying the People’s Properties and burn their Houses, and force them to flee to the open lands, away from the Brutality of shooting at the Civilians, and on the Houses of Prayers, MOSQUES to prevent  people going into the streets after PRAYERS. The International Community declared the Regime as not Legitimate, and its president as OUTLAW, using the all kind of weapons to commit massacres against His own people, and Humanity. The International Diplomatic Chain started to break, many Arab and Foreign Countries, called Home, for their Ambassadors for Consultations, and usually do not come back until the Regime is gone, though the Head of the Regime said, in TV Interview, 3000 killed, 20000, prisoned, and 10000 wounded, the Security of Syria is a lot better than before.

The Regime’s Alliances in Lebanon, are in DEEP Embarrassment, and kept quit for a while hoping that the developments of the Crisis, would deter to the side of their GODFATHER’S SIDE. They are disappointed and their outcry, has no one to hear it. Hezbollah moved from strongly support the Regime, to a few Broadcasts that, to convince its supporters,  the Regime is in good shape, live and kicking and wonder if they are now planning to face the MUSIC in Lebanon, after the Regime’s Collapse, and answer the Majority of the Shiite questions, of the Benefit of supporting  worn out , and criminals regime.
Aoun the Recent Ally to the Frustrated Regime, who brought him back to Lebanon by a DEAL of, not following a SUIT to make Aoun bring back the Public Millions Money, he swept with him to France, and to be Hezbollah and the Regime’s Alliance, in the War against The Special Tribunal for Lebanon,  Aoun and his Tayyar are in TETTARS as well, Aoun is taking on the Syrian Government in Lebanon, and threats to bring it down, if the PROJECT to FRAUD the Power Establishment of Electricity, is not taken seriously and force the Government to adopt it. Ignoring, that, the Main Power in this Government is Hezbollah’s.
Aoun is taking this STANCE for the SAFE SIDE, if and only IF, the Regime in Syria has collapsed, he has to gain his Supporters Votes again in 2013 General Elections.
Hezbollah has only two Choices, if and only IF, the Regime has collapsed, ONE: to Hand the ACCUSED OF ITS Members to the Tribunal, and Merge the so called Resistance with the Principle Army Forces, TWO: to take over the Authority and be Lebanon of Hezbollah, and replace the Lebanese State, and there is the Ignition of CIVIL WAR.

Otherwise, how the JUSTICE could be FORCED, and take place, if the REAL Prime Minister in this Syrian Government Mr MANSOUR, the Lebanese Diplomacy, strongly supporting the Criminals in Damascus, at the United Nation’s Security Council.


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