Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Storms that sweep Tyranny getting stronger

Those Dictators, in the Arab World, thought they are bigger than their Countries, and can rationalise their people down to their sizes, are gone for no return. Many found out that, their sizes and powers are nothing to compare few thousands of the People going down the streets and bring those Dictators down to the streets, from their overstay palaces, packed with wealth and corruptions.

Libyan Regime is one of the worst Regimes in the World, and tried to crush its own peaceful demonstrations  by guns, rockets, and used its reserves of Mercenaries spared for such situations, and still defying the demands of the massive protesters for reforms, is diminishing to a corner, in its so called Super Power Land.

Those Dictators who thought they, can get away of these criminal, genocide and massacre acts against Humanity, they have the answer from the whole world in the United Nation's Security Council. The Criminal Courts will chase them to their GRAVES. They will spend the rest of their life, without every thing they stole from their OWN PEOPLE,  for decades. They will stay in prisons longer time than they stayed in power.

The rest of small number of those dictators left, watching the reactions of the world, are weighing their own FATES. We know these kind rulers, will not learn the lessons from Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya falling regimes, will destroy their own people and countries before they break down, but it is better off, for the people to pay once and for good, than paid and still paying in installments for the rest of their lives.

Time has come and fast to put people first, because only people has the power, and the rulers are instruments to put their people's interests first, and if any regime that still standing will end up to the same destination, of the collapsing ones. We never have been sure, that Democracy and Freedom will prevail at last.

Tripoli, Libya yesterday 26/02

Below song of El Harah

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