Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Impossible Mission

 Mr Mikati
 Assad and Mikati

The celebrations of 8 March Forces, of bringing down the Harriri Government, and the speed they wanted to replace it, with New Cabinet, which they named as Simple democratic transition, to erase every thing had been done in the last six years, by Harriri's Government was some kind of Illusion.

If Mr Mikati wants to stay in the MIDDLE as he claims all the the time, and will form a New Cabinet from both Forces, and stay in strong position in the Middle, this way will not be supported by 8 March Force, because he was named by them to work on their Agenda and not to work with 14 March Forces, or has any role to these Forces in this Government, and that's why, they brought Harriri's down.

If Mr Mikati wants to stay in the Middle, he should form a government according to the New Stolen Majority, 68 against 60, which should be represented in the Proposed Cabinet, and that, will not get any support from 8 March Forces,

If  Mr Mikati, wants to stay in the Middle, he should form a New Cabinet with Equal Numbers of Cabinet, 8,8 and8, or 10,10,and10, among 8 March, 14 March and Mr Mikati. Certainly, 8 March Forces will not support it, because they named him to do what their Agenda says and not,to share with  possible obstacles by 14 March Forces being in the Cabinet.

If Mr Mikati, form a Cabinet from one third of 8 March Forces, and two third of Independent Members, of Lebanese Experts and Professionals, this will not get support from 8 March Forces, because they have their plans to take full power in this Cabinet, and execute few things that, they say are Essentials, to keep them as untouched from the STL Indictments, as we understand that would be three of them.

The way we detailed the above, that Mr Mikati cannot stay in the Middle, and New Cabinet cannot be formed, it is as simple as that. Otherwise the Regime in Syria should press the Magical Button to make 8 March Forces to accept long less than they want from Mr Mikati to make it business easy.

If Mr Mikati, cannot give equal shares to both Forces, and keep his supported share as the real balance in the Middle and keep this New Cabinet in the real Interests of the Country without looking outside the Borders, he should go HOME, or should step to the 8 March side and cease to tell us about this Middle illusion STORY.

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