Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Israel compliments to Regimes Surrounded.

Millions of Egyptians in the streets.

For over sixty years, we read, heard, and saw, our Heroes Arab Leaders, screaming and shouting at their country's capitals, that Israel the Enemy of Arab Nations, should be removed and some of them, went to wipe it up and throw its people in the sea.

We grown up on this musical episode, until recently, some of these Arab Countries surrounding the Ghetto, committed to Peaceful Agreements, and returned  the occupied territories back according to those agreements.

In thirty seven years, war broke, only on the Lebanese Fronts, why because the other Arab Countries on the Ghetto Borders do not want any more wars, and use Lebanon as the BLACK SHEEP, though some of these countries lands still occupied by the Enemy, of Arabs and Islam. Certainly, if someone fights for them, why they have to fight, these countries can not take the consequences, as the burden of damaged economy will be enormous, but if it is Lebanon, there should be no problems.

After thirty seven years of secretly agreed for no war activities, we understand now, why that did not happen.

We read today, in the Enemy's Press by their experts, and top journalists, that Israelis government, will be devastated, by the changes of regimes that surrounding it, Because as the papers say, these regimes are most guarantees to keep, the region calm, while no peace process is taking place, the papers, were grateful to the regimes in Egypt, Jordan and Syria, because they kept their fronts calm for thirty seven years.

Those, who are winding us every day that, the time will come when, Israel vanishes and does not exist, in fact they are helping Israel to ignore United Nation's Resolutions, and all the effort of  peace process, by USA and the Europeans and Russians, are trying to make a way for Peace Agreement, between Israel and the Palestinians.

These regimes have stability and long life, because Israel is happy of the benefit of their existence.

The only thing, that  worries Israel, is the changes at the surrounding, which certainly will achieve Democratic System, then, we defeat Israel and force the World to put an end to the Mideast Misery, that made us live thirty seven years with these dictator's regimes. Because they were there to suppress their own people.

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